Maui: Budtender Training

This article will walk through the basics of Maui for Budtenders.

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In this article, you will find information about Maui if you are a Budtender. This is generic information and your store may have specific workflows that are not covered in these articles. Be sure to check with your manager or supervisor to ensure what is the correct procedure they would like you to follow.

Here is a video of Budtender Training:

Logging in for the first time:

  1. Your manager/supervisor set up a user for you using your email address.

  2. Open the Maui app on the computer/iPad or visit

  3. Enter your email address (the user name) and the temporary password that was emailed to you

  4. Flowhub will then instruct you to set up your password

  5. If the temporary password does not work, visit the Maui log-in screen and select "Don't remember your password?". This will send you a different temporary password.

Navigating Maui

  • Click on your store name in the upper right corner to switch between stores (if you have multiple stores)

  • Select your initials in the upper right corner to clock in/out (if hourly employee), view your profile, reset your PIN, or log out

  • Select "Help" across the purple bar at the top to search for help hub articles or chat us your questions

  • Select the section name in the upper left corner to open the menu to view other areas of Flowhub. You might not see all of these options depending on your role.

  • If you are under the Cashier section, there is a sidebar on the left. That is the queue and these are customers that are waiting to be checked out.

Reset Your PIN

  • A 4-digit PIN is required for each person.

  • Keep this PIN private as this unique identifier is used to process transactions for customers and patients through Flowhub. It lets you know which budtender completed a transaction, regardless of who is logged in or assigned to a Drawer.


  • A drawer represents the physical register or tills used to check out customers, typically Dispensaries have a drawer for each terminal/register

  • Every morning, your team will open a drawer, and every night your team will close a drawer.

    • If you do not properly open and close your drawers every day, your reporting might not reflect different days.

    • Budtenders must have “Can View and Can Edit” under Drawers on their Role to open and close drawers.

      • If “View Totals” is enabled on the Budtender’s Role they will also see the expected count of the Drawer when closing it.

  • TIP: If you are unable to find an employee to add to a drawer, this means they have not fully set up their profile. They will need to locate the welcome email and complete the setup.


  • You can add customers to the queue 3 different ways:

    1. On the Cashier page

      • Existing Customer: Use the search bar in the upper left corner

      • New Customer: Select the "New Profile" button in the bottom left corner

    2. On the Customers page

      • Existing Customer: Use the search bar at the top of the screen, click on the customer name, then click "check-in" on the right

      • New Customer: Select the "New Profile" button in the upper right corner

    3. Using the Greet App (subscription is required)

  • For more information about customers, please review the articles below:

How to make a sale

  1. Log in to Maui

  2. Make sure you are assigned to a drawer

  3. Check a customer into the queue

  4. Select a customer’s name from the queue and begin to add items to their cart

  5. Once you are within the cart, you can do many different action items

    • Use a scanner or the plus sign to add items to a cart

    • Look up a customer’s purchase history by selecting “Previous Purchases” below the customer’s Name and Notes

    • Add an inline cart discount to their cart

      • A role with the “Apply Discounts” permission will need to enter their PIN to approve the discount.

    • Under view details, you can find all information on a product or print barcode and exit labels

  6. There is a cannabis counter in the upper right corner of the screen, tracking the customer's purchase limits. If you go over these limits, our system will not allow you to move forward and collect payment.

  7. Once items are added to the cart, you will select "Collect Payment" in the bottom right corner of the screen

  8. This will bring you to a section to enter the cash or debit card information. Enter your 4-digit PIN to finalize the sale.

    • Please note: do not use the debit card field if you do not have a card reader. This section is for reporting purposes only and will not charge the card.

  9. Once you collect a payment, you will see a screen allowing you to print the exit labels, receipt, or print receipt.

  10. The sale is complete!



Adding a Metrc API Key to your Profile

Reporting Sales to Metrc

  • Go to Cashier, then select "Sales" across the purple bar at the top. This will show you all completed sales.

    • Some states require a live push, other states it's optional. If you would like live push turned on for your store reach out to our support team by emailing

      • If your store has live push turned on, your team will just need to review the sales to ensure everything is pushed properly

        • If a sale has been reported to Metrc, it will have a green Reported tag.

        • If a sale has not been reported to Metrc, it will have a yellow “Upload Failed” tag.

          • Identify the issue: Click on the sale, then hover over “Reporting Status.” A tooltip will appear with the reason the sale could not be reported to Metrc.

          • Repush the sale: Click on the sale, then click “Repush.”

    • If a sale has been reported to Metrc, it will have a green Reported tag.

  • If you do not have live push turned on, you will need to Manually push the sale. You can do that in two different ways:

Who do I contact for help?

The Flowhub Product Support Team:

  • Avail 24/7: in-app chatbot /help search - anything that isn't resolved via bot auto generates a support ticket.

  • Avail M-F 8am-8pm Mountain Standard Time:

  • For Maui Customers: we are releasing new features to Flowhub Maui all the time. To keep up to date and to be the first informed, we recommend subscribing to our Release Notes at

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