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This article will explain how to complete a refund and how to configure the Room for returned inventory.

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Flowhub Maui makes refunding one or many products a breeze. Flowhub Maui even allows users to complete refunds and sales simultaneously, and users have control over which Room returned inventory should be placed in.

Watch the video below to learn about refunds:

Refund a Product or Products

  1. Navigate to "Cashier."

  2. Check in a customer and take them in your cart.

  3. Select the "Previous Purchases" tab below the Customer's name.

  4. Select the transaction to be refunded.

  5. Select "Refund" from the panel on the right.

  6. Select the product or products from the transaction. It will appear on the right hand side with a negative (refunded) value.

  7. If you wish to return the item to your inventory, select the "Return to Inventory."

    1. You may want to Return to Inventory for the following reasons: the product may be something that can be sold again, such as a t-shirt, or the product is a cannabis product that needs to be officially recorded as being Quarantined and Wasted out, depending on the regulations in your state.

  8. Select "Refund Items." This will take you to the Collect Payment screen.

    • If a customer or patient wishes to make a purchase in addition to the refund, otherwise known as an exchange, you can navigate to the "Inventory Tab" to add items to the ticket to complete the exchange:

  9. Enter the tender type and amount.

  10. Enter your PIN and select "Check Out."

Configure the Default Room for Returned Inventory

Maui allows you to choose which Room any Returned Inventory should go to after a Refund is completed, whether that is back to the Sales Floor or to a different Room. You may even set up a Room specifically for Returned Inventory.

This setting can only be controlled by users that have the "Edit Stores" permission on their Role.

  1. In Rooms, find the Room you'd like to set up for Returned Inventory, or create that Room.

    1. In the below example, we set up a new Not for Sale Room and named it "Returned Inventory."

  2. Select the name of your dispensary in the upper right hand corner to access Store Settings.

  3. On the Inventory tab, select which Room you would like to configure.

  4. Select "Save Settings" to save. Any returned inventory from a Refund will now be sent to the configured Room.

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