Maui: Review Metrc Sales

This article will guide you through how to review if your sales have been pushed to Metrc successfully.

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Sales can be pushed to Metrc in a variety of ways. To view more about how to push your sales to Metrc, review this article.

To see your sales and the status of their push, navigate to the Cashier tab and then select Sales. Each sale will have one of the following statuses:

  • Failed

    • The sale was not reported to Metrc. The reasoning for why the sale failed to push can be seen in the sales sidebar on the right. Correct the sale by reviewing this article.

    • This includes sales that were initially successfully pushed but were then voided and the void was unsuccessfully pushed to Metrc. Review this article to learn more about voiding sales: Maui: Voids.

  • In Progress

    • Sales that were attempted to be pushed or haven't fully succeeded yet, or Metrc did not respond to us. Please check Metrc for the existence of In Progress sales.

  • Reported

    • Successfully reported sales, including those that were voided and the void was successful. You can see who the sale was reported by and when in the sales sidebar on the right.

  • Unreported

    • Sales that have never been reported to Metrc.

    • Sales that only include accessories with show as unreported.

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