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Maui: Order Fulfillment Workflow
Maui: Order Fulfillment Workflow

This article explains how to use Order Fulfillment in Maui.

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The Order Fulfillment model is an excellent option if your store has roaming budtenders or sales associates that take orders and send them to a back room for fulfillment. At the same time, other team members focus on fulfilling those orders and processing payment in later steps.

Learn more about order fulfillment by watching the video below:

Using Order Fulfillment in Maui:

  1. Check a customer in and begin to build their cart.

  2. Select "Send To Fulfillment."

      • A ticket will print to the Bluetooth or network-connected printer in your fulfillment room or area.

      • The customer will return to the customer queue with a note indicating that fulfillment is in progress.

      • You may also select "Print Labels" to preprint exit labels.

        • Labels won't print at the end of a transaction if they are printed during order fulfillment.

  3. When an order is sent to fulfillment, the order will display in the order ahead dashboard under the "New" column.

      • If needed, a budtender can select the order to see the items to fulfill or reprint the receipt. At this time, package tags can be changed if required, new items can be added to the cart, or items can be removed from the cart when necessary.

  4. Complete the order by selecting the customer from the queue to reopen their cart. Or, if using the virtual option, select "Notify customer order is ready" to move the customer's order to the "Ready" column of the order ahead dashboard.

      • The customer queue signifiers will change to "Fulfillment Complete", notifying the Cashier to select the customer from the queue.

  5. Verify the order by adding the appropriate items to their cart and completing the transaction.

Additions to Order Fulfillment:

  • An optional notes field has been added to the inventory to notate the physical location of the inventory item or enter other important information regarding the inventory item. This notes field will print on the order ahead and order fulfillment receipts.

  • Exit labels can be preprinted in the order fulfillment workflow. If a label is preprinted, the exit labels will not print at the time of sale. If needed, the labels can still be manually printed from the completed sales section.

  • Items can be added or removed, or package tags can be changed on items sent to fulfillment.

Hardware Notes:

  • We recommend using a network or Bluetooth receipt printer to fulfill order tickets.

  • Network printers allow many connections to one printer, while Bluetooth printers only support a one-to-one connection.

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