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Greet: Pairing Order Ahead to Customer Profiles
Greet: Pairing Order Ahead to Customer Profiles

This article will explain how to pair a ready order ahead order with a customer that has been checked in on the Nug.

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To speed up your check-in workflow, you can link/pair a customer’s online order to their profile from within the Greet™ app.

Pair an Order

  1. Ensure that the order is in the “Ready” column within Cashier. You will not be able to pair a customer with an order that is not in a ready state.

    • View of Ready status

  2. Open the Greet app and click “Order Pick Up” after scanning an ID:

    • Order Pickup Option

  3. Find the customer’s name in the list of orders and click “Check In Order.”

    • Check in the order on profile

  4. You’ll be directed to the main queue and will see the customer’s name at the top with a banner that reads “Order Pick Up.”

    • Ready for Pickup View

  5. The order is now paired.

  6. A budtender will choose the "Ready for Pickup" marked customer in Flowhub Cashier when the customer arrives.

  7. This is when any discounts or specials will need to be applied before ringing the customer out.

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