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Greet: Using the Camera
Greet: Using the Camera

This article explains how to use the Nug device's camera to scan a customer ID.

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If the scanning sled's battery is low, or you cannot get the sled to scan, you can use the Nug's camera to scan the customer's ID as a work-around. If you continue to have an issue with your Nug device, please reach out to the customer Product Support Team at

  1. Click the plus sign in the lower right corner of Greet™.

  2. You will see the camera load, and you can now use the view/display to line the ID up with the border that is on the screen:

  3. Line the barcode up so that the entire barcode is on the border. You do not need to have the entire ID in view.

  4. Once lined up with the ID, the application will scan the ID automatically. You may need to tap or zoom in on the image to focus the camera if it is not picking up the barcode.

  5. Once scanned successfully, you will see the customer's information load on the Nug's screen.

  6. You will either see "Welcome Back" if they are a new customer or "New Customer" if they have not yet been scanned in before.

    • If they are a new customer, you can choose to edit their profile and add any additional notes or documents.

    • Select "Save" before navigating away from the profile screen, or any changes you have made will be lost.

  7. Once you've made any needed changes, select the "Check in as Customer" option, choosing "Rec" or "Med" depending on the customer type and your store's license.

  8. The customer will now be in the queue.

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