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Maui: Change/Reset PIN
Maui: Change/Reset PIN

This article will guide you through to updating your Flowhub Maui Personal Identification Number (PIN).

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What is PIN used for?

Your Flowhub Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a unique identifier used to process transactions for customers and patients through Flowhub. It lets you know which budtender completed a transaction, regardless of who is logged in or assigned to a Drawer.

In Maui, PIN is also used to:

  • Approve in-line cart discounts (when paired with the “Apply Discounts” permission on a Role)

  • Update an Employee’s Metrc API key

  • Submit a Drop or Payout on a Drawer

When an Employee is first created in Maui, an email is sent from with a Temporary PIN to the email address associated with the Employee. This Temporary PIN can be used in Maui, but we recommend resetting the PIN to something you can remember.

If you ever misplace or forget your PIN, follow the instructions below to reset it.

Resetting PIN

  1. Sign in to Flowhub Maui at:, or you can log into the Maui App if it’s already set up on your computer/tablet/terminal.

  2. Select your initials from the upper right corner. You'll see a "Reset PIN" button as one of the options:

  3. When you select "Reset PIN," you'll be asked to confirm:

  4. Upon selecting "Reset," you will be emailed a new temporary PIN. Check your email to locate your new temporary PIN.

    • The email will be sent from "" and the email subject line will be "Flowhub Maui Account PIN." The email will look like the below:

  5. A window will appear, prompting you to enter the following information to reset your PIN:

  • Enter the Temporary PIN emailed to you, then enter your new PIN, Confirm the New PIN, and select “Update.”

    • If you select Later instead of Update, the Temporary PIN that was most recently emailed can still be used.

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