Maui: Make a Walk-In Sale

This article will walk you through the basics on how to make a walk-in sale to a customer.

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There are a few different ways to make a sale (walk-in, order ahead, delivery, etc). This article will walk through the basics of how to make a walk-in sale.

  1. Log in to Maui

  2. Make sure you are assigned to a drawer

  3. Check a customer into the queue

  4. Select a customer’s name from the queue and begin to add items to their cart

  5. Once you are within the cart, you can do many different action items

    • Use a scanner or the plus sign to add items to a cart

    • Look up a customer’s purchase history by selecting “Previous Purchases” below the customer’s Name and Notes

    • Add an inline cart discount to their cart

      • A role with the “Apply Discounts” permission will need to enter their PIN to approve the discount.

    • Under view details, you can find all information on a product or print barcode and exit labels

  6. There is a cannabis counter in the upper right corner of the screen, tracking the customer's purchase limits. If you go above these limits, our system will not allow you to move forward and collect payment.

  7. Once items are added to the cart, select "Collect Payment" in the bottom right corner of the screen

  8. This will bring you to a section to enter the cash or debit card information. Enter your 4-digit PIN to finalize the sale.

    • Please note: do not use the debit card field if you do not have a card reader. This section is for reporting purposes only and will not charge the card.

  9. Once you collect a payment, you will see a screen allowing you to print the exit labels, receipt, or print receipt.

  10. The sale is complete!


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