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Maui: Create and Manage Drawers
Maui: Create and Manage Drawers

This article explains how to manage and create drawers in Flowhub Maui.

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A drawer represents the physical register or tills used to check out customers. This article is about creating and managing drawer assignments.

Create a New Drawer

  1. Select "Drawers" from the pop-out menu in the top-left corner of the window.

  2. Select "New Drawer."

  3. Name the Drawer.

  4. Optional - Enter a Drop Trigger Balance - You will be notified when a drawer hits this number.

  5. Select the Room(s) it will display inventory from.

  6. Select the Inventory/Customer Type for this Drawer. Unregulated inventory, such as Accessories, will be able to be added to a cart regardless of Drawer type.

    • MED: This drawer will be used for Med-only sales to Medical customers only.

    • REC: This drawer will be used for Rec-only sales to Recreational customers only.

    • BOTH: This drawer will be used for sales to both Medical and Recreational Customers. The type of sale that can be made depends on how your state handles Recreational vs Medical sales.

      • If you're in a state where Med customers can purchase Recreational products (CA, OR, MT) - you'll be able to sell Rec inventory to a Med customer, but Med-specific Inventory won't be sold to Rec customers.

      • If you're in a state where Medical and Recreational inventory is completely separate:

        • You'll only be able to sell Recreational Inventory to Recreational Customers, and Medical Inventory to Medical customers.

Edit a Drawer

  1. Select the Drawer you wish to edit.

  2. Select "Edit" on the right side of the window.

  3. Select "Save."

Note: The drawer must be closed to Edit.

Open a Drawer

  1. Select a closed drawer.

  2. Select "Count & Open"

  3. Enter quantities for all cash denominations in the drawer.

  4. Add any optional notes.

  5. Select Save.

Close a Drawer

  1. Select an Open drawer.

  2. Select "Count & Close" from the panel on the right.

  3. Enter quantities for all cash denominations in the drawer.

    • If you have the ‘View Totals’ permission, you will see drawer totals when closing the drawer, and a Drawer Close receipt will print when the drawer is closed.

    • Drawer Close Receipts will not print for any user that does not have the "View Totals" permission on their Role.

  4. Add any optional notes.

  5. Select Save.

  6. Enter your PIN, then select "Submit."

Make a Drop or a Payout

  1. Select an Open drawer.

  2. Select "Drop", "Payout", or "Pay In" from the panel on the right.

  3. Enter an amount.

  4. Enter a reason.

  5. Enter your PIN, then select "Submit."


  • Drop - Moves money around the dispensary. Drop money from the register to the safe. Does not affect daily revenue.

  • Payout - Money is leaving the dispensary. This is used when you are paying a bill directly from the register. This will affect the daily revenue.

  • Pay In - Adds money to the cash drawer. This option is typically used when you need more cash in your drawer.

Drop Trigger Balance Alert

When the balance hits the number entered when you created the drawer, the trigger will appear as a red message on the register line item. This will then indicate to your team that the amount in the drawer is over the "Drop Trigger Balance".

Assign an Employee to a Drawer

  1. Navigate to "Drawers".

  2. Select the plus button.

  3. Select an employee from the drop-down.

See Drawer Activity

The drawer activity sidebar provides you with a comprehensive overview of all actions performed on a drawer, enhancing your ability to manage transactions effectively. The drawer activity sidebar offers a snapshot of all activities related to a drawer, including crucial information such as date, time, and the employee responsible for each action. With this feature, you can easily track various actions, such as drawer creation, user additions, pay outs, pay ins, drops, product image updates, and drawer open/close events.

View and Download Drawer Activity

  1. Select a Drawer.

  2. Select the Activity Tab.

  3. Adjust the date picker.

  4. View Activities by scrolling through the pane.

    • Select View Snapshot to view details about the drawer when a specific activity takes place.

  5. Select Download Activities to download a CSV of drawer activity.

Information about Drawers:

  • Flowhub Drawers are linked to Flowhub Rooms.

  • Drawers can only be linked to "For Sale" rooms.

  • When a drawer is created, a room will be associated with that drawer. As a budtender rings up a sale, any products that aren't in the room that the drawer is associated with will be unavailable for the budtender to select and sell to a customer.

  • Budtenders can be assigned to more than one drawer at a time. Before completing a transaction, they will be asked to choose a drawer.

  • If you can't find a product for sale, check what Room that inventory item is in, and what Room your Drawer is set up to reference.

Physical Cash Drawers:

If you're looking for how to connect your physical cash drawer to your computer terminal - that will connect directly to your Receipt Printer as a peripheral. Research or Google the model of the cash drawer and receipt printer you have to find connection instructions or contact our third-party hardware provider, Venture Sourcing Group, for additional assistance. There is no mechanism or setting in Maui to connect a Cash Drawer.

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