Recommended Hardware

This article explains Flowhub hardware support and lists recommended hardware to use with Flowhub software.

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Our Mobile Engineering Team has extensively tested specific pieces of hardware that are guaranteed to work with Flowhub’s legacy applications and Maui.

Using the hardware listed below will ensure a seamless experience when running Maui and other Flowhub software. We cannot guarantee or support hardware that isn't on this list.

Our Product Support Agents are available to troubleshoot any Flowhub-related software issues and hardware support is available either via our hardware partner Venture Sourcing Group, or from the hardware manufacturer, or from the original place of purchase.

Purchasing Hardware with our Partner: Venture Sourcing Group

Flowhub partners with Venture Sourcing Group to provide our customers with a hardware provider that can assist with setup and troubleshooting when you purchase from them. Venture specializes in hardware reselling for the cannabis industry and has five years of experience in the sector.

We recommend ordering your hardware through Venture Sourcing Group and not a drop shipment company. Venture Sourcing Group can guarantee their products and labor when using recommended hardware.

Visit this page for hardware pricing or for more information about hardware and support packages.

  • Important: In order to access Flowhub special pricing at the website above, customers will need to add items to the cart and apply the discount code: FLOWHUBHW (case sensitive)

  • You may also contact our reps at Venture Sourcing directly:

Recommended Hardware


Operating system

  • 64-bit Mac OS 11.3 (Big Sur) or newer

  • 64-bit Windows 10 or newer

  • iPad iOS 12 or newer


  • Intel i5 2.0 gHz

  • Quad core processor


  • 8 GB RAM


  • iPhone iOS 14 or newer

Cash Drawer

  • Cash Drawer - Star CD3-1616


  • Corded Scanner - AirTrack S2

  • Cordless Scanner - Honeywell 1472

  • Pocket Scanner - Honeywell 1602

  • Rugged Bluetooth Scanner - Socket D750

  • Rugged Bluetooth Scanner - Socket D740

Wifi Label Printer

  • Label printer wifi - ZD410/411

USB and Bluetooth Label Printer

  • Zebra - ZD410/411

USB and Bluetooth Receipt Printer

  • USB Receipt Printer - Star TSP143

Wifi Receipt Printer

  • CloudPRNT Receipt Printer - Star mC-Print3


  • Scale- A&D FX12

  • Scale- A&D FX300

Note: Scales require a USB Interface card to connect to a computer.

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