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Maui: Back of House Training Checklist
Maui: Back of House Training Checklist

Use this checklist to train new and existing staff.

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Use this checklist to help train your back-of-house team on important workflows for their and your success. To access the tours, select the help icon at the top of your Maui window.

#1: Add Products and their Variants

Make sure your inventory managers understand how to add items to your Product Catalog.

When adding products, it's best to follow the same naming conventions across all items. This makes it easy for budtenders to find items in Cashier and for multi-location operations to manage inventory.

Learn how to add a few popular product categories.

#2: Add Inventory

One of the most important activities of a back-of-house team is adding inventory.

Make sure your inventory team is familiar with all the ways to add inventory to Maui.

#3: The Metrc Tab

If your market works with Metrc, you can add and manage inventory using the Metrc tab in Maui.

#4: Add Users

Learn how to add new employees.

#5: Deals Basics

Learn how to build discounts in Maui.

#6: Deals - Cart Subtotal

Learn about Cart discounts.

#7: Deals - Product Discount

Learn about simple product discounts.

#8: Deals - Buy & Get

Learn about Buy and Get discounts.

#9: Deals - Bundles

Learn about Bundles.

#10: Manage Drawers

Learn how to manage drawers

#11: Void a Sale

Learn how to void a sale.

#12: Adjust a Sale

Learn what you can edit on a completed sales transaction.

#13: Additional Resources

Additional Maui help articles can be found in our Help Hub.

If you need any help or have any questions, reach out to us via chat from 10-5 MST or email us at Our team is here to answer your questions from 8-8 MST Monday through Friday and can typically get you an answer within the same day.

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