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Maui: Metrc Sales Automatic Audit And Push
Maui: Metrc Sales Automatic Audit And Push

This article explains how to enable and use the Metrc Sales Automatic Audit and Push feature available in Store Settings.

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Even with reporting sales to Metrc via API, sometimes mistakes can happen.

  • The Metrc database could be overloaded during a busy time, preventing your sales from reporting correctly.

  • Or maybe you've onboarded a new budtender who doesn't have a Metrc API key on their Employee profile in Flowhub yet, and none of their sales are pushing to Metrc, and you missed manually reporting a few of their sales.

Flowhub Maui has the ability to resolve all of these common issues for you, automatically, each night, using the API key of a user you trust.

Important Factor to Consider when Using this Feature

When either of these features is enabled, it is important that your staff never manually inputs a sale into Metrc.

  • To ensure that we can audit your sales automatically, you must only use the API to report sales, or the CSV upload feature built into Flowhub.

  • If you report a sale manually (not by CSV or API), and then double-report that sale via Flowhub CSV or API, you will duplicate the sale in Metrc, and our audit feature will not be able to correct it.

    • This is due to the new External Receipt ID field in Metrc on sales. We can match them and resolve duplicates when sales are reported via CSV or API, but we can't if someone is manually reporting a sale by completing the form in Metrc.

Enabling Automatic Metrc Sales Audit and Push

To enable this feature, you must have all permissions under "Store Settings" on your Role.

  1. Navigate to Store Settings by selecting the name of your Store in the upper right corner of Flowhub Maui, then selecting "Store Settings" at the bottom of the list of your stores.

  2. Select "Regulator" from the options list on the left side.

  3. From the dropdown, select the User whose Metrc API key you would like to be used for the automatic sales auditing and reporting features.

    • Ensure the user you select has the Sales "Manage" permission in Metrc.

    • If you have multiple stores, you can select a different user at each store or select the same user, but either way, you'll want to set this up at each store in Store Settings.

    • Enabling this feature at one location does not automatically enable this feature for your other locations.

  4. Select either setting you would like to enable:

Automatically Audit Metrc Sales And Re-Push Failed Sales:

When enabled, Flowhub will use the selected User's Metrc API key to:

  • automatically audit your sales in Metrc to find any sales that were not reported successfully (duplicate sales, or sales that Metrc failed to save)

  • If you reported any sales to Metrc by CSV upload, enabling this setting also allows us to mark those same sales as "Reported" in Flowhub.

  • This will occur at 3am Eastern.

Automatically Report Any Unreported Sales Nightly (3am Eastern)

When enabled, Flowhub will use the selected User's Metrc API key to:

  • Automatically push all Unreported sales for the day.

  • This will occur at 3am Eastern.

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