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Maui: Live Limit Check

This article explains the live check-in functionality for Maui.

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For medical dispensaries operating in states where patient purchase limits are stored in Metrc, Flowhub Maui can look up your Patients' current limits directly in their cart, or alert you if their Med ID information does not match Metrc. Once you have verified your employee's permissions in Metrc, and have assigned an API key to each transacting employee, you'll be ready to enable Live Metrc Limit Check.

How to Turn on Live Check-In

Live Metrc Limit Check is a setting that can be enabled directly in your Store Settings.

  1. You must have the "Can View" and "Can Edit" permissions for Store Settings on your Role to enable this.

  2. Select the name of your Store in the upper right corner of Flowhub Maui, then select "Store Settings."

  3. Under "Carts", select "Enable Live Checkin."

    • If you would prefer to not allow any budtender to check out a Medical Patient without pulling current available purchase limits from Metrc, you can also enable "Block Checkout if Live Limit Check Fails."

    • Note: Some states will not be able to use Live Check-in.

Metrc API Keys & Flowhub

To enable the Live Limit Check functionality, you must set up a Metrc API key for each employee running transactions. API keys, or application program interface keys, connect and transmit data between Metrc and other software providers like Flowhub.

For Flowhub to seamlessly communicate with Metrc, a user in Flowhub will need to attach an API Key to their Employee profile. Employees will need the permissions to "Patient Status Lookup" / "Caregiver Status Lookup" in Metrc on their API key for this to work. If you have any questions about the permissions and features needed for Metrc employee profiles, please reach out to

Please note: an API key must be on file for every employee who is checking in and completing transactions in Flowhub to use Live Limit Check.

Live Limit Check is Turned On... Now what?

Once Live Limit Check is turned on, Maui will fetch the patient limits from Metrc. This includes limits for "Extended Plant Count (EPC") patients in Colorado - the limit in Metrc for the patient is what will be pulled into the cart, without any additional action on your end. When you check someone into the queue and start working with them, there will be the patient's limit in the upper right corner.

If the limit fails to pull from Metrc, an error message will appear in the upper right corner. Check the patient's Med ID # and ensure it is entered in Flowhub exactly as their card reads (including "PATS" in Mississippi). If the Med ID # is correct and you are still receiving this error, you can continue to make the sale (if you do not have "Block Checkout if Live Limit Check Fails" turned on) however, you will need to check the patient's limits in Metrc before proceeding so you do not oversell. We also recommend that you check that the patient's Medical card is still active.

Additional Setting: Block Checkout if Live Limit Check Fails

Some states (or dispensary owners) require that no sales can be completed if the live limit cannot be reached. If there's a Metrc outage or there's the wrong patient ID number, users won't be able to complete the transaction with live limits enabled if this additional setting is turned on. If your live limit check has failed multiple times, it could be because Metrc is down. "Block Checkout if Live Limit Check Fails" is a setting that can be enabled directly in Store Settings (see "How to Turn on Live Check-In" above).

Metrc API Responsiveness

Please be aware that Metrc may encounter periods of delayed API response times. You can check the Metrc Response Time Indicator in Flowhub packages which will indicate if Metrc's API is underperforming. In the event of a poor Metrc response time, you may need to manually check patient limits in Metrc. If you have any questions about the permissions and features needed for Metrc employee profiles, please reach out to

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