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This article discusses each dashboard and the EOD PDF in Maui.

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In this article, we will discuss the information you will see within the Dashboards section of Analytics. As a reminder, in order to see the analytics tab, your Employee Role must have the "Analytics" permission.

To access Dashboards:

  1. Open the menu on the left side and select "Analytics."

  2. The Dashboards will appear in the upper left corner of Analytics:

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard section will display an overview of your location(s). You will see the filters that allow you to see all of your Flowhub locations at the same time or one at a time along with a date range filter. The filter will auto-populate with three months of data.

Displayed will be the total number of sales (pre-tax) and the total number of transactions, and whether they have generally been trending up or down:

You can see more specific data in each dashboard, such as Total Sales and Total Tax, if you hover your cursor over each table:

As you continue through the page, you will see the average number of sale amounts, items, and wait times along with quantity sold by category, which can be helpful to make executive decisions when creating new deals for your store.

As your budtenders/receptionist teams create new Customer profiles and answer the "How did they Hear about Us" question on the profile, you will be able to track how customers are finding your dispensary. Whether you have a digital ad on an e-commerce website or do a marketing flyer around town, you'll see your efforts in the Customer Sources graph. (If you don't see data in this section, instruct your budtenders/receptionists to start completing the "How Did they Hear About Us" field when creating a new Customer profile).

You can also see how customers are ordering at your store. Whether it is a walk, pickup, or delivery order, you will be able to see the % of sales that are each order type.

Store Dashboard

The Store dashboard gives you a more detailed look into your dispensary operations by breaking down information by month and by budtender.

The first graph you will see on this page is the Busiest Times of Day. This graph is great to see how traffic is going within your store. This can assist with knowing how many budtenders to have on the floor at any given time and when to move staff to other areas of the store.

The next graph you will come across is total sales and transactions by month. These graphs are great for noticing any specific trends within the store.

As you continue down the page, you will see information about employee sales in the store. This information can be helpful when recognizing employees for achieving high sales numbers.

End Of Day PDF

The End Of Day PDF will showcase basic metrics from your sales data from the day. You will need to ensure that your drawers are closed before 11:59pm the same day so the system can populate all of the information + drawer information. You will see a breakdown of cannabis and non cannabis sales within your tax and revenue sections.

Budtender Sales Performance

If your store has an order fulfillment workflow in which a budtender sends a customer's order in a ticket to a back room for fulfillment, you will be able to see a breakdown of each budtender’s performance at your dispensary -- average cart value, total units sold, sales by budtender, etc. You will even be able to populate start and end times to identify what times of day are the best for your staff's sales performance.

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