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This article describes how Employee permissions are managed in Maui using Roles.

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Maui's Users and Roles make managing employees quick and easy. Flowhub Maui allows management teams to control their team's access to the system via assignable and customizable Roles. These Roles are then assigned to each employee as they are added. This makes it incredibly easy to manage the permissions of an entire team instead of managing each employee.


Roles are the overarching permissions for a user at a dispensary. Typical roles may include "budtender," "inventory manager," "GM," "accountant," "shift lead," etc. Within each role, specific permissions unlock different sections of Maui. Generally, it is best to keep your Roles with limited permissions and add them as needed. Review this article to see our recommended roles and permissions: Maui: Recommended Roles and Permissions

Each permission comes with four levels of access:

  • Can View: Only allows you to see a specific item.

  • Can Edit: Only allows you to edit an existing item.

  • Can Create: Only allows you to create a new item.

  • Can Delete: Only allows you to delete a specific item.

    • You can select multiple permissions per role.

    • Some roles, like Inventory, Drawers, Sales, and Carts, have additional options.

Create New Role

  1. Select "Employees" from the pop-out menu in the top left corner.

  2. Select "Roles" at the top of the page.

  3. Select the "New Role" button.

  4. Name the Role and add an optional brief description.

  5. Select the permissions for this Role.

  6. Select Save.

Edit a Role

  1. Select the Role you want to edit.

  2. On the right side of the screen, select edit.

  3. Make your changes, and then select "Save."

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