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Maui: Loyalty and Customers
Maui: Loyalty and Customers

How to add a Customer to your Loyalty program, edit their points, and redeem their points in a Cart

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This article discusses the built-in Loyalty feature in Flowhub Maui.

Creating A Loyalty Program in Maui

To have Loyalty enabled for your store, please review our article on Creating a Loyalty Program in Maui here.

Enrolling a Customer in Loyalty

Once Loyalty is enabled for your store, you will be able to add individual Customers to Loyalty when creating or Editing their Customer Profile.

  1. Create a new Customer profile or search for an existing Customer in the Customers tab and select "Edit."

  2. Next to the Customer's name, select the "Enrolled in Loyalty" checkbox.

    • If your store has additional Customer Data Retention settings (depending on your state's regulations), Enrolling a Customer in Loyalty will automatically check the "Consents to Data Retention" box.

    • If your Role includes the permission to Edit Loyalty points (see "Enabling an Employee's Permission to Edit Loyalty Points" below), you will have the ability to edit the Points Available in the box. If you do not have this permission on your Role, the points will be displayed but will not be editable.

3. The Customer will now earn Loyalty points at a rate of 1 point per pre-tax dollar spent at your store.

Viewing a Customer's Loyalty Points

A Customer's current Loyalty Point Totals can be viewed in multiple ways. In the examples below, the Loyalty Program is set up for a percentage rate of 5% discount.

  1. When building a Cart for a Customer, points are displayed in the upper right next to the Gift Card button:

2. When Viewing or Editing a Customer Profile from the Customers tab:

3. At the bottom of A Customer's receipt:

Redeeming a Customer's Loyalty Points at Checkout

As your Customers accrue Loyalty Points, they can be redeemed at checkout for a cash discount. In the example below, the Loyalty Program is set up for a percentage rate of 5% discount.

  1. To redeem a Customer's Loyalty points, select "Available Rewards" above the Promo Code box in the cart:

2. Loyalty Points will be redeemed as a Cash discount unless any of your Deals have been configured to be redeemed with Loyalty Points, in which case those can be selected at this time. Users will be able to choose how many of the Customer's Loyalty Points they wish to redeem.

Enabling an Employee's Permission to Edit Loyalty Points

  1. In Employees -> Roles, Add "Edit Loyalty Points" to any Roles that should have the permission to change the number of loyalty points on a customer's profile.

Editing A Customer's Loyalty Points

  1. Locate the Customer whose points needs to be edited, either by searching for the Customer in the Customers tab or by Editing the Customer's Profile in the Cashier tab.

  2. Select "Edit" on the Customer Profile.

  3. If the permission to Edit Loyalty Points is enabled on the User's Role, the user will be able to edit the loyalty points on the profile. If the permission is not enabled, the user will only be able to see the number of loyalty points available.

  4. Enter the new loyalty point amount.

  5. Press save, the customer's loyalty points have now been updated.

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