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Maui: Create and Edit A Loyalty Program
Maui: Create and Edit A Loyalty Program

This article discusses how you can set up a Loyalty program for your customers directly in Maui.

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Many dispensaries wish to reward their loyal customers that come back to their store over and over. In Maui, you can set up a loyalty program that allows Customers to earn points for purchases they make, and then redeem those purchases for discounts and rewards at checkout.

Note: You must have all "Loyalty" permissions on your Role in order to be able to make changes to Loyalty in Maui.

For more information on creating a loyalty program in Maui, watch the video below:

Quick-Starting a Basic Loyalty Program

If you already have a Loyalty Program set up in Flowhub, you can "quick start" with its prebuilt settings, and then make edits from there.

  1. Open the pop-out menu on the left and navigate to Deals, then select "Loyalty" at the top of the page.

  2. Select the yellow "Quick Start" button next to the "New Loyalty Program" button.

    • If you're not using Loyalty in Flowhub yet, you won't see the Quick Start button. Follow the instructions under "Building a New Loyalty Program: Step by Step" below.

  3. You'll see the same rates that you currently have with your existing Maui Loyalty program, which will get you started right away.

    • You can always make changes to this later! This creates a new Loyalty Program in your environment as a baseline from which to edit.

4. Select "Awesome, Do It" to create this Quick Start loyalty program, or "Not Now" to close the window.

  • If you already have a Loyalty Program in Maui built in your back end by your Flowhub representative, your program is still active without you needing to select "Quick Start" here.

  • Quick Start allows you to make changes to your current Loyalty program, instead of needing to start fresh with a new one.

Building a New Loyalty Program: Step by Step

  1. Open the pop-out menu on the left and navigate to Deals, then select "Loyalty" at the top of the page.


  1. Select the Store(s) your Loyalty program should apply to. If you do not select any Stores in the Stores dropdown, the program will apply to all of your Stores by default.

    • You are able to set up unique Loyalty programs for each Store. For example, if you want to incentivize folks to make the trip to a farther-out location by making the loyalty points worth more at that location, you can!

  2. Select whether this Loyalty Program should be for Recreational Customers, Medical Customers, or Both.

Each store can have up to two store-specific loyalty programs: one for MED and one for REC, or one for both.

You can also have up to two loyalty programs that apply to all stores. These will be used at any stores that don't have a store-specific program — including any future stores.

Configuring Point Redemption: How Much Should Your Customers' Points Be Worth?

In Maui, you can set your Redemption rate to be a common percentage rate by selecting any of our pre-built settings, or you can customize what your customers' points are worth at redemption.

We'll tell you what 100 points are worth at redemption based on the rate you select or enter, to help you make this decision.

In the below example, we've set up a custom redemption rate of $0.20 / point. When a customer redeems 100 points, they'll have a dollar discount value to use in the cart of $20.

Configuring Point Accrual: How Many Points Should your Customers Earn?

By default, Customers will earn 1 point for each pre-tax dollar spent, but in Maui, you can change that if you like. Want Loyalty points to be worth double on weekdays, or during your early-bird hours? Want your Veterans to earn more Loyalty points than regular customers? No problem!

Configuring Points earned by Day of the Week

To set up days where Loyalty points are worth more than 1 point per dollar, enter alternate values based on the day of the week. We'll tell you what those points are worth based on the Redemption Rate you set up. 

  • In the below example, points are doubled on Tuesdays and Thursdays - $1 pre-tax dollar spent will result in 2 Loyalty points earned.

  • Click into each Day of the week to see more details about how points will be earned.

Configuring Points earned by Time of Day

To set up unique Loyalty point values for a time of day, turn the toggle under "By Time" to On.

You'll be able to set up redemption rates for specific times of day here. In the below example, points are tripled between the hours of 5am and 7am every day of the week for an "Early Bird Loyalty" special.

Configuring Points earned by Customer Group

To set up unique Loyalty point values for a specific Customer Group, select "Add Group-Specific Rates".

  • Need to add a new Customer Group? Select "Create New Customer Group" directly in Loyalty to set one up first.

Select the Customer Group for which you want to set up a special Point Accrual rate.

  • In the below example, points are doubled for Customers that belong to the Veterans Customer Group. They earn 2 points every day of the week, and earn 4 points on "double-point Tuesdays and Thursdays".

Loyalty Tips & Tricks

If you'd like to "turn off" point accrual for Customers (i.e. stop them from earning new points), but still let them use up any existing Loyalty points they may have, you can change your Points Accrual to "0". This will ensure that no new Loyalty points are earned when purchases are made, and that Customers can still redeem any points they may currently have.

  • The below screenshot illustrates how to set this up - set all point accruals to 0. Customers won't earn new points, but can redeem existing ones.

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