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This article explains how our 2-way loyalty integration works with Flowhub Maui.

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Flowhub Maui now offers Two-way Loyalty Integration with third-party integration partners. You can directly connect Rewards in Alpine IQ or Springbig to any Flowhub Deal and seamlessly activate them in the cart with a simple click.

In addition to the ability to accrue and deduct points in your third-party loyalty provider, we also now offer Synchronized Loyalty. Synchronized Loyalty allows customers to be marked as loyal in Flowhub Maui and in Springbig or Alpine IQ.

Contact your Flowhub representative to get this set up.

Connecting Maui Deals to External Loyalty Providers

  1. When creating or editing a deal, check the "For Third Party Loyalty" box.

  2. After saving the Deal, select the Deal from your Deals page.

  3. Select “Copy Third Party ID” and paste it into the following sections in your third- party portal.

    • Alpine IQ: Redemption Options -> "ID of matching discount in your POS system:" input

    • Springbig: Rewards Edit -> "POS discount ID" input

    • This connection allows us to automatically apply the discounts in Flowhub Maui.

Adding a Customer to your loyalty program

  1. Check in or Edit a Customer Profile in Cashier or in the Customers tab.

  2. Check the box “Enrolled in Loyalty”.

  3. Select Save.

Identifying Loyal Customers

When our third-party loyalty integration is active in your account, you'll see either the Alpine IQ or Springbig logo followed by the points the customer has accrued in those systems upon checking in the customer.

Redeeming Points in Cashier

  1. Check-in customer

  2. Add items to their cart

  3. Select the "Available Rewards" button:

  4. Select the Reward you’d like to apply by selecting the “Add” button next to the corresponding reward.

    • The Deal/reward must be configured in Flowhub to meet criteria of the customer and items in the cart.

    • You can remove any unwanted rewards by selecting “remove” next to the corresponding reward or in the cart.

  5. Select “Collect Payment” to complete the transaction.

    • Their reward will be redeemed in the third-party system, and their points will be deducted accordingly.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating how it works:

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