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This article will explain how to use the Greet Application.

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The application Greet™ allows you to scan customer's IDs to seamlessly check them into your Flowhub queue. Greet also allows you to edit any customer's profiles to adjust their information, add any notes, and even flag customers that you do not want to return to the store.

Sign in to Greet

Before you sign in to Greet, make sure you are currently signed into the correct location by signing into (for Flowhub Maui) or (for Flowhub Classic). If you work at multiple stores, make sure to change your location within the browser application before signing into Greet.

  1. Select the Greet app from your iOS mobile device or "Nug."

  2. Enter your Flowhub login credentials and select "Sign In"

  3. Once you sign in you will see the customer queue:

  4. From here you can check in a customer by:

  • IDs can be scanned either using the iPhone built-in camera, or via a separate scanning hardware "sled" that wraps around the iPhone.

  • Searching for any current customer in the system using the "Look up customer profile" search bar.

  • Selecting the round plus ( + ) sign in the lower right-hand corner to use the Nug's camera or to create a profile manually.

Check-in a customer with Greet:

  1. Hold your iPhone about 6-8 inches away from bar code that is on the bottom of the back of the ID.

    • There are two barcodes on most IDs. Make sure to scan the 2d/complex barcode:

  2. If you're using a scanning sled device, click one of the side buttons on the sled and scan the light over the ID.

  3. You will hear a "beep" and see the customer's information load on the Nug's screen.

  4. You will either see "Welcome Back" if they are a new customer or "New Customer" if they have not yet been scanned in before. Note: If the customer has been flagged as a problematic customer, this is when you'll be notified.

    • If they are a new customer, now is when you can choose to edit their profile and add any additional notes or documents.

    • Make sure to select "Save" before navigating away from the edit profile screen or any changes you have made will be lost.

  5. Once you've made any needed changes, select the "Check in as Customer" option, choosing "Rec" or "Med" depending on the customer type and your store's license.

  6. The customer will now be in the queue.

The scanning sled is typically what will be used to scan a customer into the queue. However, if you encounter an issue with the scanner you can use the Nug's camera or the manual profile creation option as a workaround.

Managing the Queue

  • Once a customer has been added to the queue, you will see them listed on the main screen of the Greet App.

  • With an active customer in the queue, you will also see the wait times for the customers, as well as the average wait time for those currently in the queue.

  • To edit a customer, select their name and you'll be directed to their profile.

  • To remove a customer, you can select their name and choose "remove from queue"

  • You can also slide your fingertip across a customer's name to the left, this will bring up an option to flag or indicate the customer has left the store.

Customer Notes

Any customer notes you add will be visible on the customer's profile when they are scanned into the system.

For example, the customer below is a veteran who works in the industry:

These notes will also be available in Flowhub so that your workers can see any notes about the customer during the entire transaction. Notes are meant to document additional information, and not necessarily to flag a customer for abuse. Take a look at the next section for information on flagging abusive or combative customers.

To add a note:

  1. Select the customer's profile from the queue.

  2. On their profile select "Add Notes."

  3. Enter your note in the text field.

  4. Select "Save" you'll be returned to the profile screen.

Flagging Customers

For a quick tutorial on how to use the flagged customer feature, watch this video:

To help dispensaries maintain a level of security and comfort, the ability to flag a customer for unwelcome behavior is available in Greet. A flagged customer won't necessarily be barred from being checked into Flowhub, it will clearly warn the employee checking the customer in.

When a "flagged" customer is scanned into the system, the Greet App will flash and a screen similar to the one below will show with the customer's name and the reason for the flag:

Click "View Profile" to move forward. Here you will see the customer's profile with the warning messaging in the profile. This is where you can choose to check the customer in, or simply click the back arrow option to refuse the customer entry into your dispensary.

This screen is meant to give the employee a warning, but also allow them to let the customer in the store if the message/warning allows for it. For our example message, the customer flag note includes the message "Do not allow in" which would indicate to the employee to refuse the customer entry to the store.

To flag a customer:

  1. Select the customer's profile from the queue.

  2. On their profile select "Add Flag."

  3. This will open the following screen:

  4. From the "Reason" dropdown, choose the behavior/reason for the flag:

    • Violence

    • Theft

    • Destruction of Property

    • Harassment

    • Unlawful Distribution

  5. OtherIn the text field, enter a description of the incident and a message for future employees in case the customer returns.

  6. Select "Save Flag" you'll be returned to the profile screen.

  7. Verify that you see the Flag listed on their profile.

  8. Depending on the Flag, you can choose to add the customer to the queue or ask the customer to leave.

Please Note: The flag and note features are only available for locations that retain customer data. If you live in the state of Oregon, due to compliance regulations, you will only be able to retain data if you have the customer's permission.

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