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Maui: Set Up Biotrack Traceability API Integration
Maui: Set Up Biotrack Traceability API Integration

This article describes how to set up an integration with Biotrack State Traceability in Flowhub.

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Flowhub Maui can integrate with the Biotrack State Traceability system to allow users to bring in Inventory from Biotrack and report sales to Traceability via API.

Recommended: Create a Flowhub-specific User for Biotrack State Traceability

While any existing User's credentials can be used for the Flowhub Biotrack integration, it's recommended that a new user is created in Traceability specifically for Flowhub API calls.

To create a new user in Biotrack Traceability (as per Biotrack's documentation):

  1. Log into Biotrack State Traceability.

    • Please note that "Biotrack State Traceability" refers to the "web version" of Biotrack, not Biotrack Commercial POS.

  2. Navigate to the Administration menu, then select "Users" in the dropdown.

    • Modify User
  3. Select "Add New User."

  4. Create and Save a new user that will be used specifically for all API calls between Biotrack Traceability and Flowhub.

  5. Ensure the new user that's been created can log in and has all necessary permissions to interact with both Inventory and Sales information in Biotrack Traceability.

Add Biotrack Traceability Credentials to Employee in Flowhub

Note: credentials will only need to be entered on one Employee in Flowhub per Store. It is not necessary to add Biotrack credentials for each Employee.

  1. Log into Flowhub Maui at

  2. Select the initials of the user in the upper right corner, then select "My Profile."

  3. With the "Edit User" page open, scroll down to the "Regulator Credentials" section and select the state.

  4. If your state's regulator uses Biotrack Traceability for cannabis product tracking, you'll see fields for "Username," "Password," and "UBI (Universal Business Identifier)" appear.

  5. Username/Password will be the Traceability credentials used for logging into Biotrack (these should be the same credentials for the Flowhub-specific user created in Traceability):

  6. Select "Save" in the upper right corner.

  7. Enter your PIN. Credentials are now saved.

Select Employee with Credentials in Regulator Store Settings

  1. Log into Flowhub Maui at

  2. Select the name of your store in the upper right corner, then select "Store Settings."

  3. Select "Regulator" from the options on the left side.

  4. Use the dropdown to select the Employee for which Biotrack credentials were entered on the profile in Flowhub.

  5. The Biotrack Traceability API integration with Flowhub is now set up.

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