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Flowhub Pay: Tipping Integration
Flowhub Pay: Tipping Integration

This article discusses how to collect tips on an integrated Flowhub Pay debit transaction, and manage how those tips are reported in Analytics.

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Flowhub's Point of banking solution, called Flowhub Pay, allows dispensaries to use Flowhub Maui and a card payment processor terminal to complete transactions using a banking card - and now tipping is integrated into the process, making your cash management clear and simple.

Getting access to Flowhub Pay

Please contact your Flowhub account executive or for more information on getting started with Flowhub Pay.

Enable Tipping on Debit Terminals

To start collecting tips on Flowhub Pay debit transactions at checkout, please contact Flowhub Product Support at or BizPay directly at 918-298-2900 to request that the tipping setting be enabled for your dispensary.

Please note that tipping and tips management is only available for Flowhub Pay users at this time.

Integrated Tipping

For an overview of how to process a Flowhub Pay transaction, please check out our article on Flowhub Pay here.

  1. When the customer swipes their card and enters their PIN, they can also opt to include a tip as part of the transaction.

  2. If a tip has been included, that tip amount will now display on the "Groovy!" modal when the sale has been completed:

3. With integrated tipping, debit tips are included in Expected Drawer Cash Counts by default. The budtender will hand the customer the cash back necessary to complete the point of banking transaction, and leave the tip in the Drawer.

  • The budtender should not remove the cash amount for the tip from the Drawer until the Drawer is closed at the end of the night and all the total tips are calculated.

  • If your store's workflow involves taking tips out of the drawer at the time of each transaction and putting them in a jar or somewhere else, read below to see how to adjust that setting in Flowhub.

4. The tip amount will also be included:

  • On the Customer's Receipt

  • When closing a Drawer (and the View Totals permission on the Role is enabled)

  • In the Sales details of the completed sale on the Sales tab

  • On the End of Day Report

  • In the following Reports:

    • Accounting

    • Transactions

    • Drawers Activities

    • Drawers

  • In two additional Reports:

    • Tips by Hour

    • Tips by Budtender by Drawer

Setting Up a Workflow where Tips are Removed from Drawers after Each Transaction

If your Store workflow requires that tips be taken out of the drawer at the time of each transaction and placed in a jar or some other location, you'll need to disable the setting that includes tips in Drawer Expected Cash Counts so your Drawer reports are accurate.

  1. Select the name of your dispensary in the upper right corner, then select "Store Settings" to access the Internal Store Settings.

    • If you do not see "Store Settings" when selecting the name of the store in the upper right corner, you will need all permissions under "Store Settings" on your Role first.

  2. With the Internal Store Settings modal open, select "Payments" from the left menu.

  3. The "Include Debit Tips In Drawer Expected Cash Counts" setting will be enabled by default. Disable the setting to not include debit tips in drawer expected count totals.

    • When this setting is disabled, the app will expect the tips to be taken out of the drawer at the time of each transaction, and Tip

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