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Maui: Colorado - Use By / Expiration Date on Exit Labels
Maui: Colorado - Use By / Expiration Date on Exit Labels

January 2024 compliance update to include Use By or Expiration Date information on exit labels in Colorado

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As of January 1st, 2024, the following change has been made to Exit Labels in Colorado for Flowhub Maui customers to include new required Expiration Date or Use By Date information.

In Colorado, exit labels for all categories will now print a "Use By Date" or an "Expiration Date" as entered on the "Expiration Date" field available on all inventory items. Flowhub has added a new "Use By Date" field on all categories in Colorado.

  • All Flower and Concentrate category inventory items will have the value from "Expiration Date" copied over to the "Use By Date" field automatically in Flowhub.

  • "Use by Date" and "Expiration Date" will be available fields on all categories in CO.

  • Labels will now print "Use By Date" and "Expiration Date" for all categories when a value has been set.

If your store is set up to automatically import lab testing data from Metrc, Flowhub can automatically fill in the "Expiration Date" field with that data from Metrc when importing new inventory items, as long as it's included on the package data in Metrc.

If your store requires any changes made to your exit labels, please send us an email at

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