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Maui: Import Lab Testing Data from Metrc
Maui: Import Lab Testing Data from Metrc

This article describes how lab testing data is imported from Metrc when bringing in Inventory.

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Flowhub Maui can import cannabinoid potency testing data from the information entered in Metrc by your Suppliers, directly onto an inventory item that you're importing. This ensures that the testing data on your inventory in Flowhub will match the testing data that's available in Metrc, and can eliminate the need to manually enter each cannabinoid percent value on your Flower or Concentrates.

Lab Testing Data Import

This setting is enabled by default for any dispensary in a state that uses Metrc.

You can confirm whether your store is importing test data from Metrc when viewing a new Inventory item that has been imported by Metrc package ID or via the Metrc tab. The Potency values will have blue tooltip icons next to them, with a message indicating that the field was imported from Metrc lab test data.

THC vs THC-A vs Total THC

The following fields in Flowhub correspond to the following values provided by Metrc:




%∆9THC (%Delta-9 THC)



The %THC field in Flowhub is not the same as the "Total THC" value you may see on lab documents from your suppliers. Total THC is a calculation derived from the %THC-A and %Delta-9 THC values (Total THC = (%THCA x 0.877) + %THC).

If you would prefer to override the %THC value to be "total THC", you can manually change the value in the field when importing inventory.

If you would prefer to manage cannabinoid values on your inventory differently from how it is entered in Metrc, you can request that automatic lab import testing data be disabled for your store by sending us an email at

Data imported from Metrc

Currently, we can import the following testing data from Metrc: % THC [see above note], % THC-A, % THC-V, % CBD, % CBD-A, % CBN, and % CBG.

If your lab reports test data in units of mg/g instead of percentages, Flowhub is able to directly convert that data into a percentage unit. Please note that the lab test data from Metrc must have "mg/g" in the Name of the test or the test comment must equal "mg/g" exactly in order for our system to be able to import and convert the data.

At this time, Metrc does not provide data for Total Active Cannabinoids (TAC), milligram cannabinoid fields (mgTHC, mgCBD) or ranges of cannabinoids over API, so it is expected that those fields will not be populated from Metrc at this time.

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