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Maui: Add Inventory via Metrc Tag Import
Maui: Add Inventory via Metrc Tag Import

This article discusses the use of the "Import" button in Maui when creating Inventory.

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Flowhub Maui offers users a variety of workflows for importing inventory. While some dispensaries may appreciate being able to import their Active Packages from Metrc into Flowhub by using the Metrc Tab, other dispensaries may find it faster and easier to scan a Package Tag from Metrc to quickly pull up the package information and get the inventory imported into Flowhub. This article will show how to use the "Import" button when adding Inventory.

Please note that the following must be in place to use the "Import" button:

  • The Dispensary must have an active license in a state that uses Metrc for tracking.

    • Please note that the user's Metrc API key must give the user access to the "Packages" tab in Metrc.

  • The Package ID that was scanned is an Active Package that has a "Last Modified Date" of 90 days or less.

Importing Inventory via Import Button

  1. First, ensure that you have the corresponding Product built in your Product Catalog. You cannot bring the inventory into Maui until this step is completed first.

  2. Navigate to Inventory, then select "New Inventory."

  3. While on the New Inventory page, select the yellow Import button in the upper right corner next to Save:

  4. You will then be prompted to scan or enter the Metrc Package ID that you wish to import:

5. If you have entered a Metrc Package ID that is Active, this will bring you to the Inventory Import page, where you are prompted to select the Product from your Catalog and bring the package into your Maui inventory. You will see the information about the Package along the right hand side.

6. Select "Select A Product" to choose the Product associated with this Metrc tag, and complete all required fields. Any field marked with an asterisk must be completed.

7. Select "Save" to create the inventory.

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