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Maui: API Sales Reporting in Vermont
Maui: API Sales Reporting in Vermont

How to enable direct API sales push reporting to the VT Cannabis Control Board, and push sales once enabled

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If you operate a dispensary in Vermont, you can use Flowhub Maui to report your sales directly to the Cannabis Control Board (CCB) via API integration. This makes it easy and simple for you to remain in compliance with your sales reporting with the push of a button.

Enabling Vermont API Sales Integration

  1. You must first have received your final license number from the CCB in order to submit the request.

  2. Log into your Vermont CCB portal, and look for the "API Access Request" application as in the screenshot below.

  3. Complete the application and select Flowhub as your Point of Sale system. Your Vermont CCB rep should contact you directly to confirm when your API request has been approved.

    • It is not necessary to request an API key from Flowhub for this integration or to have an API key on your user to push sales.

Registration Numbers on Products in Flowhub

On each regulated cannabis Product category for Vermont customers in Flowhub, you will find a required field named "Registration Number."

It is incredibly important that this Registration Number match exactly as it is in your CCB portal, including the "P-" at the beginning of the number, or any sales on that Product will fail to push.

Pushing Sales via API to CCB

Once your CCB rep has confirmed that your API integration is live, all that's necessary to report your sales to the state of Vermont is to select "Bulk Push" (on a day/batch of sales) or "Push" (on an individual sale) in the Cashier -> Sales tab in Flowhub.

  1. Log into Flowhub Maui.

  2. Use the menu on the left side to navigate to the Cashier tab, then select "Sales" from the purple bar at the top of the screen. You'll see your current Sales.

  3. Sales will be uploadable to the state API in bulk by selecting "Actions" and then "Bulk Push" from the Sales tab, or individually by selecting "Push" in the sidebar when highlighting one sale row.

  4. When a Sale has been successfully Reported to the CCB, the green "Reported" flag will appear next to the sale.

  5. If a Sale fails to Upload, a yellow "Upload Failed" flag will appear next to the sale.

      • Check that the Registration Number on the Product is correct and matches the Registration Number in your CCB portal for the Product, including the "P-" at the beginning of the number.

      • If it is incorrect:

        • Void the Sale that failed to push.

        • Adjust the Registration Number on the Product in Inventory -> Products, then ring the sale through again, then repush the individual sale.

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