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Maui: Tax Exempt Customers
Maui: Tax Exempt Customers

This article covers how to set up a Tax to be exempt for specific Customer Groups in Flowhub Maui.

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In some states, specific customers and patients may be exempt from certain tax rates. Tax laws can vary by location, so Flowhub allows for the ability to exclude customers that should not receive specific taxes by leveraging our Customer Group functionality. Additionally, if your store uses Out the Door Pricing where Taxes are included in prices, you can use Customer Group-specific Pricing to ensure your Tax Exempt Customers have their own OTD price.

We highly recommend checking with your tax expert before making any changes to your tax breakdowns. You must have access to creating customer groups and editing taxes within your role in Maui.

  1. Log into Flowhub Maui

  2. If you have not done so already, create your Tax Exempt Customer Group in your Customers tab.

  3. After the customer group has been created, open the menu on the left side and select “Pricing and Taxes”.

  4. Select “Taxes” on the purple bar across the top of the screen:

  5. Select the tax that you need to exempt this customer group from, and select “Edit” on the right to Edit the tax.

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to the section that says “Are There Any Exceptions?” and select the Customer Group you'd like to exempt from receiving this tax at checkout. Select Save in the upper right corner.

Once the tax is updated, any customer who belongs to the Tax-Exempt Customer Group on their customer profile will not receive that tax at checkout, and that tax will not be levied or appear on any receipts for Customers that belong to that Tax Exempt Group.

To add a Customer to your Tax-Exempt Customer Group to ensure they don't receive that specific tax, you'll edit their Customer profile. Read more on how to do that in this article here: Maui: Customers

Tax-Exempt Customers for Stores with Out the Door Pricing

If your store uses Out the Door Pricing where Taxes are included in the price, you'll want to set up OTD Prices for your Tax Exempt Customers on your Products, or they'll be charged the regular OTD price that includes Taxes. You'll need the ability to edit Products on your Role for this.

To set up a Customer Group-Specific Out the Door Price on a Product:

  1. Log into Flowhub Maui

  2. Open the menu on the left side and select “Inventory”.

  3. Select "Products" from the purple bar at the top of the screen:

  4. Search for the Product you'd like to set up a Tax Exempt OTD price for, select the Product, and select "Edit" from the right hand panel.

  5. Scroll down to where Price and Cost information is entered and select the blue "Add Location and/Or Group-Specific Price" link.

  6. Select the Location and Tax-Exempt Customer Group, then enter the desired OTD price for the Tax Exempt Group.

  7. Select "Save" on your Product.

  8. Going forward, any sales made on this Product to a Customer belonging to the Tax Exempt Group will be charged the Customer Group price at checkout.

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