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Maui: Barcode Labels and Custom SKUs
Maui: Barcode Labels and Custom SKUs

This article describes how to customize SKUs and print barcode labels in Flowhub Maui.

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Flowhub Maui allows you to create batch-specific barcode labels for your products with custom SKUs.

Is there an existing barcode on your Product that you want Maui to recognize when scanned, or would you like to use the Metrc Package ID as your SKU? No problem, just customize the SKU!

Creating Custom SKUs or Barcodes

You will need "Can Edit" permissions for Inventory and Products on your Role to be able to do this.

  1. Navigate to Inventory to find the item you'd like to customize the SKU for.

  2. Select the inventory item, then select "Edit."

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the "SKU" field:

  4. Clear out the auto-generated SKU, and either paste in your new SKU, or put your cursor into the field and scan the existing barcode on the product. Here, we're using a Metrc Package ID:

  5. Congrats! You've just updated the SKU on this inventory.

Printing Barcode Labels or Exit Labels

  1. Navigate to Inventory (or Cashier) and find the item you want to print a Barcode for.

  2. Select "View Details" on the item next to the Post-Tax Price:

  3. On the Details window that appears, select "Labels" at the top:

  4. Select your Label Type, and the # of Copies you want to print, then select "Print Label" at the bottom to print the label.

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