Maui: Splitting Packages

This article describes how to split a Package in Flowhub Maui and automatically push the new package to Metrc.

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Whether you're splitting a tag prior to transferring inventory to another store, or packing up bulk flower and want to put a new tag on the item, we've got you covered! When you split a package in Flowhub and assign a new package tag, we'll push those same changes to Metrc, keeping your inventory and data synced between the point of sale and the regulator.

Please note that this feature is only available for dispensaries operating in Metrc states.

If your state/dispensary does not use Metrc, you can "split" a package by using the Move Rooms functionality and assigning a unique SKU to each batch.

Splitting a Package

  1. Create your new valid package ID in Metrc, or have the new package ID ready.

  2. In Flowhub Maui, navigate to Inventory, and find the Package you wish to split. Select the inventory item.

  3. On the right side, select the "Split Package" button.

  4. If your package is in multiple rooms, select the Room that has the batch you wish to split.

  5. Enter the new valid Package ID in the "New Regulatory ID" field. To create a valid Package ID, create the tag in Metrc first.

  6. Under "Assign to Rooms", enter the quantity and Room to which you would like the new split package inventory to be assigned.

  7. If desired, enter a new SKU (barcode) on the split package, or leave the field blank and Flowhub Maui will automatically generate a new barcode for you.

    • Tip: If you like to use Package IDs as your barcodes, you can paste the New Regulatory ID into the SKU field here, and Flowhub will recognize that as the SKU.

  8. Select "Save."

  9. The new package will be created both in Metrc and in Flowhub Maui with the source package decremented appropriately.

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