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This article describes how to enable Guest Checkout and manage whether a Customer Identifier is entered.

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Depending on local laws and regulations, recreational dispensaries may allow customers to make cannabis purchases anonymously. The Guest/Anonymous Checkout feature will enable a budtender to check in a Guest customer, complete the transaction, and anonymize the name post-sale.

Enabling Guest Checkout

This feature is not available for locations that are Medical Only.

Please contact the Flowhub Product Support team (, or use the in-app chat) to request that the Guest Checkout feature be enabled for your store(s).

When Guest Checkout is enabled, you have the option of requiring a "Customer Identifier" when creating a Guest, or to have a "1-click Guest Checkout" option in your Store Settings.

  • Using Customer Identifiers in Guest Checkout allows you to add anonymous customers to the Customer Queue.

  • Not using Customer Identifiers in Guest Checkout allows you to build an anonymous cart that can be checked out immediately without being added to the Queue.

    • To disable the option to enter a Customer Identifier when using Guest Checkout, navigate to Store Settings and enable the "Guest Checkout - No Customer Identifier" Setting under "Customers."

Guest Checkout

1. When Guest Checkout is enabled for your store, select the Guest Checkout button above New Customer at the bottom of the Customer Queue on the left side of the screen.

2. When selected, a popup will appear, allowing the budtender to enter an identifying signifier for the customer and select "Check In" or go straight to "Open Cart" without entering an identifier.

  • An Identifier could be a first name, shirt color, or even a number communicated with the customer.

  • If a signifier is entered, select Check In – the customer will be added to the queue labeled β€œGuest – [signifier]." Select the customer from the queue and complete the transaction as you would with a non-anonymous customer.

  • If "Open Cart" is selected, a new cart will open with the name of "Guest" in the upper left corner, without the guest being checked into the Customer Queue. This allows the budtender to ring out the transaction with the Guest immediately, instead of adding them to the Customer Queue.

After A Guest Checkout Sale

Post-sale, the guest will be anonymized and displayed as "Rec Customer" in Completed Sales and reports. Guest/Anonymous customers cannot join Loyalty (if applicable), and no purchase history will be tied to Guest Customers.

Refunds on anonymous sales must be done by using the receipt ID in the Sales tab.

Returning to the Customer Queue

If your guest/anonymous customer decides to leave without making a purchase, you can close the cart and return to the queue by choosing the "Customer Left" button in the upper right corner of the cart.

Creating a non-anonymous Customer Profile from a Guest Customer

If your guest/anonymous customer decides that they would like to share their information with your dispensary, you can create a Customer Profile for them while their cart is open. This will save them as a Customer, allowing them to join Loyalty (if applicable), and have their purchase history tied to their profile going forward.

  1. While the cart is open with your Guest Customer, select "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner.

  2. Update the Customer's Name and Birthdate, check "Consents to Data Retention" (if applicable), and Save the Profile.

  3. Complete the transaction as usual. The sale will no longer be anonymized, and the Customer will be saved in Customers. If the Customer joins Loyalty, they will earn points on the transaction.


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