This section will list all available inventory for a location. You’re able to add your inventory manually here without the use of the Discrepancies tab.

Note: You will need to create your Product in the Catalog before adding the item to your inventory.

Add Inventory

  1. Navigate to the pop-out menu on the top-left of the screen and select "CATALOG."

  2. On the top of the screen, select "INVENTORY."

  3. Select "NEW INVENTORY."

  4. Enter the Basics:

    • Here you will set information for:

      • The inventory category.

      • Inventory type.

      • Product.

      • A variant of the item you wish to add.

  5. Set a quantity for the item.

  6. Select a Room to add the item to.

    • Split the inventory between rooms if you'd like.

  7. Add Supplier and Batch information if applicable.

    • Supplier name

    • Supplier license

    • Batch number

    • Expiration date

    • Regulatory ID (Package ID)

    • UOM

    • SKU

      • If you do not enter a custom SKU, one will be automatically generated for you.

Edit Inventory

Select an item from the inventory list to view the options in the right panel to edit, move, or adjust an item.

  • Move to Room - This allows you to move inventory from room to room at a specific store.

  • Transfer- This allows you to transfer inventory to another location

  • Audit Qty - This allows you to audit a quantity of an item.

  • Discrepancy - allows you to submit a discrepancy for approval. You can auto-approve discrepancies if you have the correct permissions. You will be prompted to approve the discrepancy if auto-approve is not selected.

Note: If you do not see some or all of these options, you may not have the proper permissions to complete these actions.

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