Products is the home base for information about each of the items you sell in your dispensary. Products allows you to add variants to products like shirt sizes, dosage sizes, flavors, and more so that you can keep your product catalog precise and organized. This article will explain how to add products and their variants and provide examples for variants in popular categories.

Adding Flower Items to Catalog:

  1. Navigate to the pop-out window on the left side of the screen and select "CATALOG."

  2. On the top of the screen, select "PRODUCTS."

  3. Select the "NEW PRODUCT" button.

  4. Enter the Basics:

    • Name: It is best to follow the same naming conventions across all your stores. This will help identify items in the cashier app and make transfers between stores seamless. For example, if your naming conventions are brand, name, and total mg of THC in the package, your item would look like the following: Sandy Shores OG Kush 3.5g.

    • Category: Select from the drop-down menu

      • Your categories will control the required fields when creating Inventory items.

    • Brand: Manufacturer of the Flower Product

    • Type: This acts as a subcategory in the category. This will allow you to set up specials based on type and filter reports to make it easier to search for items in your inventory.

      • Types can include joints, heavy eighths, and moon rocks.

      • Typically, variations can act as flower Types, so this can be left blank.

    • Strain Species: Indica, Sativa, or hybrid.

    • Enter an optional Description.

      • This information will push to your online menu integrator.

  5. Potency: Enter any relevant testing information.

    • The required information in this section may vary based on local requirements.

  6. Variations:

    • This is where you'll enter the name and pricing information for bulk or packed flower.

      • For example, if you sell the strain ‘Lemon Haze’ in pre-packed Eighths, Quarters, and Joints, you will use this section to identify those weights.

    • For Bulk Flower:

      • Check the "SELL BY WEIGHT" box for bulk bud variations.

      • When this box is checked, the "USE PRICE PROFILE" box is automatically checked. This is because a Price Profile is needed to determine the price of any given weight of bulk bud.

    • For Pre-packed Flower:

      • Check the "USE PRICE PROFILE"

      • Enter weight in the Weight /Volume box for which you have a Price Profile tier.

        • Ex. 3.5 for an eighth.

    • For Joints or custom weights, do not check the "SELL BY WEIGHT" nor the "USE PRICE PROFILE" boxes.

    • Set an optional UPC.

    • Select the unit of measure.

      • Flower will always use "Grams" as its UOM.

    • Enter any other relevant information.

      • This information will vary based on your market.

  7. Pricing:

    • Select the inventory type.

      • If you select Med or Rec pricing, you'll have the option to set a specific price for the opposite category.

    • Select a Price Profile from the drop-down menu.

      • If your dispensary has Out the Door (OTD) pricing turned on, you'll set the post-tax price here.

    • Set a Default cost per gram.

    • Select "ADD LOCATION AND/OR GROUP SPECIFIC PRICE" to expand that menu and select a relevant Price Profile and cost for specific locations or customer groups.

Note: You can enter as many variations as you'd like.

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