Maui: Common Product Types

This article will give you common product types to use when creating Products.

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When you are creating products in Maui, there is an optional field for types. This field works as a subcategory for that category. Entering a type helps with reporting and deals so it's highly recommended, but not required. Here is a list of common product types.


  • Apparel: T-Shirt, Shirt, Hat, Beanie, Socks, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Face Covering, Jacket, Backpack

  • Glass: Bong, Pipe, Rig, Nail, Dab Rig, Glass, One Hitter

  • Case: Protective Case, Bong Case, Bong Bag

  • Grinder

  • Papers: Slim, Ultrableached, Cone, Cones, Hemp Wrap, Wraps, Rolls, Blunt Wrap, Paper, Rolling Paper, Papers

  • Lighters: Butane, Torch, Lighter, Lighters

  • Battery: Battery, Batteries

  • Vape: Vape Pen, Pen, Vape

  • Kits: Starter Pack, Vape Kit, Dab Kit, Kits

  • CBD: Dog Treats, CBD

  • Candle

  • Essential Oil, Essential Oils

  • Rolling Tray, Rolling Trays


  • 1g Prepack, 3.5g Prepack, etc.

  • Bulk Flower, Deli Style

  • Pre-Package


  • Wax, Sugar Wax, Sugar

  • Badder / Batter

  • Budder

  • Bucket

  • Crumble

  • Live Rosin

  • Live Resin

  • Live Plasma

  • Cured Resin

  • RSO

  • Shatter

  • Cartridge: Vape, Disposable, Cart, Cartridge: Vape Cartridge, Vape Cart

  • Pax: Pax Pod, Pax, Pod,

  • Diamonds, Diamond

  • Hash

  • Bubble Hash

  • Moon Rocks

  • Kaviar, Caviar

  • Sap

  • Sauce

  • Sugar

  • Syringe

  • Oil

  • 710

  • Kief

  • Infused PreRoll: Infused, Infused PreRoll, Infused Pre-Roll, Kaviar Joints, Caviar Joint

  • Concentrate


  • Gummies: Gummie, Gummy, Chew, Chews, Gummi, Gummies

  • Drink: Lemonade, Soda, Bong Water, Shot, Coffee, Tea, Drink, Sparkling, Fruit Punch, Root Beer, Cola

  • Chocolate: Chocolate, Truffle, Bar

  • Baked Good: Cookies, Cookie, Brownie, Brownies, Rice Crispy Treat, Cereal,Cereal Bar, Blondie

  • Spreads: Honey, Butter, Cannabutter, Peanut Butter, Hot Sauce, Olive Oil, Syrup, Olive Oil, Cooking Oil

  • Candy: Caramel, Sucker, Suckers, Lollipop, Sour, Tarts, Taffy, Dust, Mints, Mint, Taffies, Licorice

  • Capsule: Capsule, Caps, Cap, Pills, Pill, Tablets, Tablet

  • Ice Cream


  • Topical: Topicals, Topical, Foria

  • Tincture: RSO, Tinctures, Tincture

  • Patch: Transdermal, Patch, Patches

  • Suppository: Suppository, Suppositories

  • Lotion: Muscle Freeze, Pain Stick, Lotion, Salve, Muscle Rub

  • Bath Products: Bath Salts, Bath Salt, Bath Bomb, Soap

  • Capsule: Capsule, Caps, Cap, Tablets

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