Point of banking allows dispensaries to use the Flowhub POS and card payment processor to complete transactions using a banking card. This allows your budtenders to ring up a sale directly in Flowhub, without the customer needing to have cash on hand.

Getting access to point of banking

If you are interested in signing up for point of banking, please contact your Flowhub account executive for more information on getting started. You can also email help@flowhub.com if you have any questions.

Linking hardware

Once point of banking has been enabled for your dispensary, you will need to link your hardware. Currently, we can only support one drawer/POS station per terminal. You will only need to link the hardware once per station for the functionality to be available for all users who sign in to the application on that station.

1. Sign in to Cashier for the station you'd need to link.

2. Click the newly added gear icon at the top of the Cashier page.

3. This will open the settings page where you can link your hardware.

4. Enter the "Terminal ID" of the device in the appropriate field and select "Connect Terminal."

  • This can be found at the bottom of your payment terminal.

    • Be sure to enter the Terminal ID using capital letters.

  • Once successful you will see a green check with "Online" highlighted.

5. This means the hardware is now linked and your team is ready to process payments in Flowhub's point of banking.

Processing payments

Watch this video to learn how to process a point of banking sale in Flowhub or follow the steps below:

You (and your budtenders) will ring a customer up as you would normally in Cashier.
Once the budtender has added all the items to the cart, and the customer is ready to pay, you'll then see the point of banking integration in action:

1. Once the order is complete, click the "Collect Payment" option in Cashier.

2. On this payment screen, you'll notice the debit field does not have an area for the budtender to enter the last 4 of the card.

  • If the debit field has an area to enter the last 4, this means that the integration is not enabled, and you will want to contact Flowhub support to see what needs to be done to enable the integration.

3. Select the "Point Of Banking" button.

  • This will include the total amount of the transaction.

4. The budtender will enter their PIN and choose "Checkout".
5. Once they do this, they will ask the customer to swipe their card on the debit card reader.

  • The customer will see their total purchase rounded to the neared whole dollar amount along with any required transaction fees.

    • This is due to point of banking functioning similar to an ATM and will work with the nearest whole number.

6. If successful, your budtender will see the sale go through and can give the customer their change and receipt, as well as apply any applicable labels and the customer is good to go!

Troubleshooting issues

There are a few common errors you and your budtenders may encounter when using point of banking. These can include "The customer canceled the transaction", "Invalid PIN", or "duplicate transaction blocked".

This and other error messages can appear for a few different reasons:

  • The customer clicked cancel on the card machine hardware.

  • A system error where we did not get a valid response back for the following reasons:

    • Could be due to bad internet

    • Could be due to a lack of funds on the card

    • Could be due to the transaction being flagged as a security concern by the card provider

  • The customer entered their PIN incorrectly.

  • If two transactions for the same amount occur consecutively, Cashier will flag and block the second transaction to prevent the customer's card from being run twice. You can process the transaction anyway by selecting "try again".

To correct this error:

1. Make sure the customer does not cancel the transaction and try again. If they continue to encounter an issue, it may be due to that card. If all cards continue to error, it may be an issue with the terminal.

2. Check the settings page where the terminal was linked. Check to see that the highlighted "Online" is still showing for your terminal:

  • If the green online check is not active, there may be an issue with the actual hardware itself and you will want to contact your integrator's support.

  • If the green online check is active, and you are unsure of the source of the error, contact our Product Support team at help@flowhub.com or call 1(844)-FLOWHUB opt 1 for support.

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