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Stash: How to Audit Inventory
Stash: How to Audit Inventory

In this article, you'll learn how to audit your dispensary inventory using Flowhub's mobile Stash App.

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How to Audit Your Inventory in Stash:

  1. Launch the Stash App.

  2. Select "Audit Inventory." This screen will show products in order by the Last Audit date.

  3. Scan a product's SKU or package tag by pressing the scanner button on the side of the Nug device. You can also search by product or by room, name, or package tag.

  4. Once you select the product, choose "Audit Item."

  5. Now do a count of your physical inventory.

  6. If the physical count of your inventory matches the inventory in the Stash app, choose "Confirm."

  7. If the physical count of your inventory does not match the inventory in the Stash app, choose "QTY IS OFF."

    • If the count is off, you can now enter the correct/new quantity, a reason for the discrepancy, and a note.

    • Once information is entered, select "Submit Discrepancy."

Approving Discrepancies:

  1. When you log into the Stash App, any discrepancies awaiting approval will show at the top of your screen.

  2. Select the notifications.

  3. You'll see all discrepancies ready for review.

  4. "Approve" or "Reject" the discrepancy.

Please note: in order to be able to approve or reject discrepancies in the Stash app you must have the "Manage Inventory" permission enabled. To enable this permission, contact your system administrator.
For a quick tutorial on how to audit inventory on the stash app watch this video:

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