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Preparing for 4/20 with Flowhub: Best Practices and Tips
Preparing for 4/20 with Flowhub: Best Practices and Tips

This article describes best practices for the 4/20 holiday as well as what Flowhub's team is doing to prepare for you.

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At Flowhub, we understand the significance of 4/20 in the cannabis industry, and we're committed to ensuring that our POS platform performs seamlessly during this peak period. To help dispensaries make the most of this important day, we've compiled a comprehensive guide with best practices and preparations for a successful 4/20.


Code Freeze Dates:

From April 12th to April 22nd, 2024, Flowhub will implement a code freeze to ensure stability and reliability during the busiest time of the year. This means there will be no updates or changes to our software during this period, allowing you to focus on serving your customers without interruptions.

Infrastructure Optimization:

To handle the increased traffic expected on 4/20, we’ll scale up our infrastructure from Friday, April 12th to Monday, April 22nd. This ensures critical applications remain highly available and responsive throughout this busy time.

Enhanced API Performance:

We're implementing improvements to our external APIs to provide better connections for integrators and to enforce API rate limiting, ensuring that all integrations perform optimally during high-demand periods.

Analytics and Reporting:

We’re upgrading specific reporting databases to enhance analytics capabilities, ensuring that you can access essential data without interruptions.

Testing Critical Processes

We're conducting thorough tests of critical processes, including our response in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Tips for 420 Success

To maximize your success on 4/20, here are some essential tips:

  • Review Historical Data: Utilize historical data to anticipate demand and optimize inventory and staffing levels.

  • Test Transactions: Test all deals and promotions to ensure they are correctly configured in Flowhub.

  • Check Hardware and Software: Restart hardware devices and check for pending operating system and software updates to prevent technical glitches.

  • Verify Employee Access: Ensure all employees can log in to Flowhub and other systems and have the necessary permissions to perform their tasks.

  • Review Workflows: Familiarize yourself and your team with any new 420-specific workflows to streamline operations.

  • Show Appreciation: Remember to show your team some love and appreciation for their hard work during this busy period!

For additional support and resources, check out the links below:

  • Create common 4/20 deals in Flowhub by

    watching this video shot by one of our Product Managers

If you require additional hardware or assistance with Flowhub Pay ahead of 4/20, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to ensure you have everything you need for a successful and profitable 4/20 celebration!

We are available 8-8 mst every day via in-app chat and at

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