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Adjust Sleep Settings For Windows
Adjust Sleep Settings For Windows

This article will explain how to adjust Sleep settings for Windows to eliminate users being logged out of Maui due to Sleep mode.

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If you or your team is experiencing unusual logouts in Maui, it may be due to the sleep settings on your terminal running Windows. Follow the directions below to change the sleep settings on your computer. Please note that you must have access to System and Security in the Control Panel.

Locate and Adjust Sleep Settings

  1. Navigate to Control Panel.

  2. Select "System and Security".

  3. Choose "Change when the computer sleeps" under "Power Options".

  4. Select the desired option from the dropdown menu(s).

    • If you want to ensure users are never logged out due to Sleep mode, select "Never."

    • Note that the "Turn off the display" settings do not affect the "Put the computer to sleep" settings.

  5. Select "Save changes" to apply new settings.

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