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This article will explain how to set up or edit Post Tax Fees in Flowhub Maui.

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Post-tax fees allow your store to create fees that are charged to the customer after taxes. There are two different types of post-tax fees:

  • Automatic Fees - Create an automatic dollar or percentage-based fee that applies to specific customer types, order types, and stores. Example: $5 delivery fee.

  • Manual Fees - Create a dollar or percentage-based fee that can be manually added to a cart. Example: $.10 bag fee.

In this article:

Create a Fee:

  1. Ensure your role has Fees permissions.

  2. From the navigation menu, select “Pricing & Taxes”. Navigate to FEES.

  3. Select NEW FEE.

  4. Give your Fee a name (will display on receipts and in the accounting report)

  5. Select if your fee is a flat dollar amount or a percentage of subtotal.

  6. Select the customer type your fee applies to.

  7. Select if your fee will be automatically added to the cart when the customer type and order type are met, or if the fee will be manually added to the cart by a budtender.

  8. Select the store the fee applies.

  9. Save

Example of a $5.00 Delivery Fee:

Example of a $0.10 Bag Fee

Adding a Fee to a cart:

  • Automatic Fees will be added to a cart that meets the criteria set in your fee setup.

    • EX: If you set a $5 automatic fee on recreational customer delivery orders, that fee will only be added to the cart when the customer is recreational and the order type is a delivery.

  • Manual Fees - If your fee is manual, select the “ADD FEE” button to open up a modal with all of your fees. From here, you can add or remove any manual fees from the cart.

    • EX: A bag fee can be added multiple times to account for how many bags were used on the transaction.

  • In the cart, select the FEEs button to see a breakdown of all fees on the cart.

Things to note:

  • Fees are non-refundable

  • A breakdown of fees can be found in the accounting report

  • Total Fees on a transaction can be seen in the transaction report

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