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Maui: Flagged Customers
Maui: Flagged Customers

How to use the flagging feature for problematic Customers in Flowhub Maui.

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To help dispensaries maintain a level of security and comfort, the ability to flag a customer for unwelcome behavior is available in Flowhub Maui. A flagged customer won't necessarily be barred from being checked into Flowhub or making a purchase, but it will clearly warn the employees interacting with the customer.

Flagging Customers in the Flowhub Maui Desktop App

Customers can be flagged by editing the Customer Profile or by searching for the Customer in the Customers tab.

  1. Select "Edit" on the Customer Profile

  2. Select "Add Flag" in the upper right corner of the Edit Profile page next to "Save."

    • If a flag has already been applied for the customer, the text will say "Flag Active."

  3. Select a Reason (Violence, Theft, Destruction of Property, Harassment, Unlawful Distribution, or Other).

  4. Enter a brief Description of the reason the customer needs to be flagged.

  5. Enter your PIN, and select "Flag this Customer."

When a Flagged Customer arrives at the store and is checked into the Customer Queue, a warning message will pop up with the details of the flagged customer. At this point, the user can choose to check in or not check in the customer accordingly.

A checked-in Flagged Customer will display that the customer is flagged in the Customer Queue:

When a flagged customer's cart is open, the flag will be displayed in their cart and their name will be highlighted red in the customer queue and customer table.

You will still be able to complete a sale for a Flagged Customer.

Flagging Customers in the Greet App

To flag a Customer in the Greet App:

  1. Search for the Customer in the app,

  2. Select "Edit Profile."

  3. Select "Add Flag."

  4. Add the Reason and Description and select "Save Flag."

5. When a flagged customer's ID is scanned or checked in via the Greet App, the Greet App will flash and a screen will display with the customer's name, the date the customer was flagged, and the reason for the flag:

Unflagging Customers in the Maui Desktop App

To remove a flag from a Customer in the Maui Desktop App:

  1. Search for the Customer profile, and select Edit Profile.

  2. Select the "Flag Active" button next to "Save."

  3. Enter your PIN to make changes.

  4. Select "Remove Flag." You can also update the Flag with more current information if desired.

Unflagging Customers in the Greet App

To remove a flag from a Customer in the Greet app:

  1. Search for the Customer in the app,

  2. Select "Edit Profile."

  3. Select the trash can icon next to the flag on the profile to remove the flag:

  4. Confirm: "Are you sure you want to delete the flag on this customer?" by selecting "Yes."

  5. The flag will be removed from the Customer profile.

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