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Maui: Inhalable Cannabinoid Products In Oregon
Maui: Inhalable Cannabinoid Products In Oregon

This article will explain how to mark inventory items as inhalable cannabis products in Maui for customers in Oregon.

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The OLCC has recently updated Recreational limits so that Recreational customers may now purchase 5 grams of concentrate or extracts and 5 grams of Inhalable Cannabinoid products.

Because these products are often categorized as concentrates or extracts within Flowhub, we’ve added a new field to help transfer these products to be counted separately.

Mark an existing or new product as an Inhalable Cannabinoid product

  1. Log into Flowhub Maui.

  2. Select Inventory and then Product.

  3. Select New Product in the upper right corner.

  4. Select "Inhalable Cannabinoid" in the category dropdown.

  5. Fill out any remaining required fields.

    • Check the box "Is Inhalable."

  6. Then, add the item to the Inventory.

  7. This product will now be counted towards the Inhalable Cannabinoid counter within Maui for Recreational Customers!

    Note: This workflow only applies to customers in Oregon.


  • "Inhalable Cannabinoid Product": a cannabinoid product or hemp cannabinoid product that is intended for human inhalation. Examples of inhalable cannabinoid products are vape cartridges, infused pre-rolls, bulk extract or concentrate, and extract or concentrate-containing syringes or "drippers" combined with flavorings or non-cannabis terpenes.

  • "Non-cannabis Additive": a substance or group of substances that are derived from a source other than marijuana or industrial hemp. Examples include isolates of non-cannabis derived terpenes (myrcene, limonene, or linalool), blends of terpenes and other substances (ketones, aldehydes, esters) meant to mimic certain cultivars of cannabis (Banana Kush or Blue Dream), and flavorings (apple, grape, watermelon). This definition does not include plant material that is in the whole, broken, or ground form.

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