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Maui: Out of Compliance Warnings
Maui: Out of Compliance Warnings

This article describes what it means when there is an out of compliance warning on your inventory and how to resolve it.

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As of January 24, 2024, Flowhub has released a feature that allows you to change Categories on Products and Products on Inventory.

Along with this feature is a new alert in Inventory that will let you know if any required fields have not been completed on your inventory items - required fields that may be necessary for exit labels, or in reporting sales.

When you see this yellow triangle on an Inventory item, there's a required field that's missing on your inventory. This could have happened because the Category was changed on the Product, or if there's a new field in Maui that was not previously available in Classic, and you've upgraded to Maui.

Resolving Out of Compliance Warnings

  1. If desired, find all your out-of-compliance inventory items by using the toggle on the Inventory page:

  2. Locate an item with a non-compliant warning, select it in your inventory, then select Edit on the right side.

  3. Find the required field (marked with an asterisk*) that needs to be completed. In the example below, the Manufactured Date needs to be entered.

  4. Once all required fields have been filled out, select "Save" to Save the inventory item.

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