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Maui: Add Inventory - CSV Uploads
Maui: Add Inventory - CSV Uploads

This article will explain how to upload your inventory to Maui using the CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format.

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You can upload inventory via a CSV into Flowhub. Your role will need access to view, edit, and create inventory.

Add Inventory via CSV

  1. Open the Menu in the upper left corner and select "Inventory"

  2. Once in "Inventory," select the "Upload CSV" button in the upper right.

  3. Use the drop-down to choose the category type you would like to upload

    • You can download templates for every category, even custom categories!

  4. Select "Get Template," and the file will download to your computer.

  5. Complete the CSV template with your inventory for this category, following the guidelines in the template

    • Anything with an asterisk (*) in the heading is required to upload the file.

    • The template will download onto your computer (tip: check your downloads folder)

    • Inventory must be uploaded in the format provided in the template

  6. Save as a CSV file.

    • We recommend saving the file as the category name

  7. Go back to the "Upload CSV" button on the inventory page.

  8. Select the file you want to upload

  9. Select the category type using the drop-down menu

  10. Select "Upload."

    • If you have any errors, you will see what errors occurred, and an option to download the CSV with the errors. Fix the errors in the CSV and reupload.

  11. Repeat for all categories.

Tips for Uploading via CSV:

  • Anything with an asterisk (*) in the heading is required to upload the file.

  • Your Product Name, Variant Name, and Room Name must match what is in Maui Exactly, otherwise, you will get errors.

  • If the Regulatory ID does not match what is in Metrc then we cannot successfully report that item as sold. It is very important that the Regulatory ID matches the Metrc Package Tag for that item.

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