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Maui: Caregiver Profiles
Maui: Caregiver Profiles

This article describes Caregiver profiles and functionality in Flowhub Maui for Medical dispensaries.

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Medical dispensaries in certain states may have the ability to work with sanctioned Caregivers for specific Patients. In Maui, you can create a profile for a Caregiver, assign multiple Patients that they care for with any unique Caregiver IDs that may be associated with those Patients, and also use their profile for any purchases the Caregiver is making for themselves at your dispensary.

Creating Caregiver Profiles

Please note that Caregiver Profiles can only be set up directly within the Maui App; they cannot currently be built using the Greet App.

  1. Create a Caregiver Profile by creating a new Medical Customer profile. This can be done either by selecting "New Customer" at the bottom of the Customer Queue on the Cashier page, or selecting "New Customer" in the Customers section.

  2. Enter the Name, Date of Birth, and State of the Caregiver.

    • Patient profiles should be built separately. You'll be able to associate those Patient Profiles to this Caregiver in a later step.

  3. With the recent updates to Caregiver functionality, we've removed the "Caregiver Profile?" checkbox above the Med ID field - you'll indicate this profile is for a Caregiver by Associating a Patient to the profile instead (see next steps below). Enter the Caregiver's Medcard ID or their Caregiver ID, and expiration date.

Associating Patients to Caregivers in Maui

  1. To associate Patients to this Caregiver, Edit the Caregiver's profile if not open already, then scroll down to the bottom of the form past "File Uploads" to the section named "Caregiver & Patients."

  2. Select "Add Patient."

  3. Your Customer List will appear. Search for the Patient you wish to associate with this Caregiver, click on their name, and select the purple "Select" button on the right side.

  4. The selected patient will appear on the Caregiver's Profile with their Name and Medcard ID grayed out.

  5. Once the patient is added to the caregiver profile, add in the Caregiver's ID associated with that Patient, and an optional expiration date. (note: this is the Caregiver card ID, not their State ID number.)

  6. If the caregiver is dispensing for more than one patient, select "Add Patient" to add another patient to the caregiver profile.

    • In some states, the Caregiver Id is shared across Patients; in others there are unique Caregiver IDs for each Patient.

    • Please make sure you're filling out the ID information as applies to your state's regulations.

  7. Patients can be removed from the Caregiver profile at any time by selecting the red X next to the expiration date.

  8. Save the Caregiver's Profile. You'll see on their Profile that they're a Caregiver for a Patient now:

Handling Caregiver Purchases At Checkout

  1. When a Caregiver profile associated with multiple Patients is checked into the Customer Queue, the user will be prompted to select which Patient the Caregiver is purchasing for, or if they are making a purchase for themselves.

  2. When building the Cart, the Patient's Name will appear at the top of the Cart, indicating that the purchase is one that the Caregiver is purchasing specifically for the Patient.

  3. At the end of the transaction, the "Groovy!" modal will provide the budtender with the option to dispense for another patient, if the Caregiver is making purchases for multiple Patients in one visit.

  4. To ensure compliance, when a sale is made under a Caregiver Profile, both the Patient ID and Caregiver ID will be sent to Metrc when the sale is reported. The Sale will be listed as a purchase under the Patient's profile.

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