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Upgrading from Classic to Maui
Upgrade Checklist #3: Pre-Go-Live Tasks
Upgrade Checklist #3: Pre-Go-Live Tasks

This checklist will guide you through the final tasks that need to be completed before making sales in Maui.

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Complete the following tasks in your official Maui Environment to ensure a successful start to your Maui Upgrade. Select the triangle arrow to view more details about that step. This checklist is for users upgrading from Flowhub Classic or Cashier 2.

#1: Welcome to the Final Phase of Your Upgrade!

Welcome to the final phase of your upgrade journey. This checklist will guide you through the final steps you need to complete to start making sales in Maui.

Make sure to complete the last step of this checklist the night before your agreed-upon go-live date with the Flowhub team.

Once you start making sales in Maui, you'll no longer be able to process sales in Flowhub Classic or Cashier 2. You will not be able to revert to Flowhub Classic or Cashier 2 for sales.

You can still access Flowhub Classic for any reporting needs once you've fully upgraded to Maui.

#2: Update Employee Profiles to Assign Roles

Assign roles to your employees to control their level of access to Maui.

#3: Log in to Maui using App or Web

Make sure all employees can log in before you begin sales.

#4: Reset Employee Passwords

Flowhub Maui sets a generic password for all new users.

Have employees reset their password when logged into their profiles, or they can continue to use the generic password provided.

#5: Reset Employee PINs (All employees)

Flowhub Maui sets a generic PIN for all new users.

Have employees reset their PIN when logged into their profiles or they can continue to use the generic PIN provided.

#6: Reset Metrc API keys if needed (For applicable employees)

Existing Metrc API keys on Employee profiles are now migrated to Maui as part of the upgrade process, so you should only need to update your API key if it's not working.

#7: Set up Your Hardware

Set up label printers, receipt printers, scanners, card payment devices, and scales in Maui for all terminals.

#8: Test third-party integrations

Make sure to get in touch with the account manager of each of your integrators. Make sure they know when to switch your services over from Flowhub Classic/Cashier 2 to Maui. If you haven't requested your updated API keys for your integrators already, please fill out this form here.

If you've confirmed that your services have been moved to Maui and you are unable to submit orders, contact our upgrade team.

#9: Complete Test Sales

Complete test sales that include all categories.

#10: Void Test Sales

Ensure sales are recording correctly in the Sales tab of Cashier then void those sales.

#11: Complete these tasks in FHC the night before you make sales in Maui

Check out or remove all guests from the queue.

Close all drawers.

Close or cancel leftover order ahead orders.

Ensure that all of your sales have been reported to Metrc.

#12: Congratulations on your upgrade to Maui!

Congratulations on your upgrade to Maui!

For additional help on features and processes, visit our help hub at

For assistance with the application, hit the Help button at the top of the screen to chat or email Our support team is available from 8-8 mst every day.

If you need any help or have any questions during your upgrade process, reach out to us via chat from 10-5 mst or email us at Our upgrade team is here to answer your questions from 8-5 mst Monday through Friday and can typically get you an answer within the same day. Take a look around and Have fun!

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