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Upgrading from Classic to Maui
Upgrade Checklist #2: Post Data Migration Tasks
Upgrade Checklist #2: Post Data Migration Tasks

This checklist will guide you through the second set of tasks that need to be completed before making sales in Maui.

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Complete the following tasks in your official Maui Environment to ensure a successful start to your Maui Upgrade. Select the triangle arrow to view more details about that step. This checklist is for users upgrading from Flowhub Classic or Cashier 2.

#1: Welcome to Your Offical Maui Environment

Welcome to the second phase of three of your upgrade journey.

This phase will guide you through a few things you'll need to set up to begin sales in Maui. We'll use product tours and help articles to help you complete tasks. Each product tour will take you through the motions of each task but will not require you to create items or save information.

Complete the following checklists/product tours:

Please make sure to verify that all of your data has been moved. If you find that anything is missing, we can reload your data for you before you start making sales.

This environment should be treated like a live environment, so be sure to void any test sales and only add or create the items listed in this checklist.

#2: Download Flowhub Maui

Download Flowhub Maui Application on Terminals. Have your staff take a look around.

Make sure your terminals meet the minimum system requirements before installing Maui. You will not be able to log into the Maui app until you have access to your permanent environment. Make sure that your terminals are supported by Flowhub by reviewing our Recommended hardware.

#3: Subscribe to Flowhub Maui Release Notes

Subscribe to Flowhub Maui Release Notes to stay up to date on the latest Maui features.

Keep a look out for banners in Maui that will announce new features and updates.

#4: Review Migration Data for Accuracy

Ensure customers, Customer Groups, Products, Inventory, Price Profiles, Employees, Drawers, Taxes, and Metrc API keys (if applicable) have been moved to your new environment.

It is incredibly important that you make sure all items in the categories mentioned above are moved to your new environment. If anything needs to be added, contact your Migration representative so that we can reload your data.

#5: Confirm the Complete List of Integrators

You will need new API keys for each integrator to ensure your current integrations with Flowhub are transferred to Maui. Request those new API keys for your integrators using the form at the link below.

Be sure to let your integrators know when you'd like to start making sales in Maui so they can switch your services over without interruption.

#6: Create/Edit Employee Roles

Roles are the overarching permissions for a user at a dispensary. Typical roles include budtender, inventory manager, GM, accountant, shift lead, etc. Within each role, specific permissions unlock different sections of Flowhub. Generally, it is best to keep your Roles with limited permissions and add them as needed. Read our help article on Roles.

#7: Set Up Returns Room

Return rooms are a great way for inventory managers to track and process returned items. This step is optional.

#8: Review Store Settings in Cashier

Turn on any necessary store settings.

#9: Train Your Staff

Make sure your staff is familiar with any areas of the app required to complete their duties.

Check Out our Front of House and Back of House Training checklists.

In those checklists, you'll find tours, videos, and articles that review common activities related to front-of-house and back-of-house roles. These tasks include Metrc inventory management, customer management, Product catalog management that breaks variants, and more.

#12: Ready to Move On?

Once you've completed the steps in this checklist and you've trained your staff, start on Checklist #3, your final checklist.

That checklist will guide you through the final steps you need to complete to start making sales in Maui.

In the last phase, we'll upload your data one more time. This will happen the night before you begin to make sales in Maui. The final data load is intended to align your inventory quantities with Metrc and to upload any data that was added between your preliminary data load and this final data load.

Because this data load is done to align inventory quantities with state regulatory agencies, it is very important that you begin sales in Maui on the date chosen.

If you need any help or have any questions along the way, reach out to us via chat from 10-5 MST or email us at Our upgrade team is here to answer your questions from 8-5 MST Monday through Friday and can typically get you an answer within the same day.

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