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Upgrading from Classic to Maui
Upgrade Checklist #1: Pre-Data Migration Tasks
Upgrade Checklist #1: Pre-Data Migration Tasks

This checklist will guide you through the first tasks that need to be completed before upgrading to Maui.

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Complete the following tasks in your sandbox ( to ensure a successful start to your Maui Upgrade.

#1: Welcome to Maui

Welcome to the first of three phases of your upgrade Journey.

This phase will help you prepare your current environment for upgrade and familiarize you with Maui.

You'll get three checklists to guide you through everything you need to do to begin making sales in Maui. The first is in your sandbox (, and the next two will be available in your permanent Maui environment ( or the downloaded Maui app).

Use this checklist to prepare your current environment for your first data transfer to your permanent environment.

Make sure to perform daily duties here to familiarize yourself with Maui and help prepare your staff for this transition.

Please note that nothing done here will be transferred to your permanent environment. This ensures you can perform daily tasks without requiring additional data cleanup once we move you to your permanent environment.

#2: Confirm or Update Employee Email Addresses

Update and confirm employee email addresses in your current environment. Email addresses are used as usernames in Flowhub Maui and cannot be changed.

#3: Clean Up Product Catalog in Flowhub Classic

Delete any products you no longer carry at your store or don't want to be moved to Maui.

#4: Confirm Data Migration Date

Confirm your data migration date with Flowhub by completing the form below. We suggest selecting a date that falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

This is when we'll move your cleaned-up data from Flowhub Classic to your new permanent environment in Maui.

We'll be able to move Customers and Customer Groups, Taxes, Users, Products and Inventory, Price Profiles, Metrc API Keys, and Drawers.

You will have access to your permanent environment one week prior to your upgrade go-live date.

We'll guide you through what you'll need to set up in the next phase.

#5: Take a Look Around

Start exploring your sandbox! Make some products, add some inventory, run some sales. Anything you do here won't be transferred to your Maui Production environment, so go crazy!

If you need any help or have any questions along the way, reach out to us via chat from 10-5 MST or email us at Our upgrade team is here to answer your questions from 8-5 MST Monday through Friday and can typically get you an answer within the same day. Take a look around and Have fun!

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