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Maui: Set Up Cumulative Taxes
Maui: Set Up Cumulative Taxes

This article explains how to enter cumulative tax rates in Flowhub Maui.

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Cumulative tax rates allow for tax rates to be applied in a specific order in Flowhub Maui. Depending on local laws, this can be different by location.

For states that require taxes to be applied in a specific order or cumulatively, Flowhub Maui gives you the control and visibility to ensure you're calculating taxes correctly and collecting the proper amounts through Cumulative Taxes.

Enabling Cumulative Taxes Settings by Store

  1. Select the name of your dispensary in the upper right corner and select "Store Settings" at the bottom of the list of your Stores.

    • You must have the "Stores - Can Edit" permission on your Role to be able to access Store Settings.

  2. In Store Settings, select "Taxes" on the left side. Select which Stores should have Cumulative Taxes enabled, and Save Settings.

Setting up Cumulative Taxes

  1. Navigate to Pricing & Taxes using the navigation menu on the left.

  2. In the purple bar at the top of the page, select "Taxes."

  3. Set up a New Tax by selecting "New Tax." If you have enabled Cumulative Taxes (see "Enabling Cumulative Taxes Settings by Store" in this article above), you will see an option to mark the tax as Cumulative underneath "Calculate Tax Before Discounts."

  4. Enter the Tax Name and Percentage for the first tax rate to be calculated.

    • Please note that the Tax Names will appear on your receipts.

  5. Select "Add Cumulative Tax" to add the next tax rate as part of the cumulative tax. Set up each tax rate in the order in which it must be calculated. As you enter percentages, you will see an example of a $10 pre-tax item along the side for you to check that your taxes will calculate correctly at checkout as you have built them.

6. Scroll down and complete the "Where Will This Tax Be Applied?" section by selecting the State and Stores for the cumulative tax rate.

7. Scroll down and select the Categories for which this cumulative tax rate needs to apply.

8. When you have completed all required fields, Save your Cumulative Tax by selecting "Save" in the upper right corner.

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