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Maui: Delivery with Onfleet Integration
Maui: Delivery with Onfleet Integration

This article explains how to use Maui's integration with Onfleet and Metrc to facilitate delivery sales.

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Flowhub Maui Delivery allows dispensaries to streamline their delivery service. With Delivery, you can intake orders from your e-commerce provider, automatically generate the Metrc Sales Delivery Manifest, and utilize Onfleet as your last-mile delivery service. This article will guide you through using Delivery in Flowhub Maui.

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Here’s a quick video of how it works:

Note: Before you begin, make sure you have the necessary requirements in place to run the Delivery model through Flowhub Maui. These include:

  • You must have an E-commerce provider connected to Flowhub.

  • You need an active Onfleet Account to manage your delivery operations.

  • Your drivers must have profiles in Onfleet and Metrc, including their car information.

    • They should also have a phone with a camera, GPS capabilities, and the Onfleet app downloaded.

    • Ensure that your drivers are marked as On Duty in Onfleet when working.

  • You should have access to the Delivery Orders Dashboard in Flowhub on an iPad or computer.

  • Dispatchers should have access to the Onfleet Dispatch Site.

  • Users of Flowhub must have an active Metrc API key with the permission "Sales Deliveries" to push pending and completed deliveries to Metrc.

  • For Pizza Style delivery, deliveries prepared at a dispensary and then sent out, exit labels will be printed at the shop.

Using Delivery in Flowhub Maui:

Note: Ensure the driver is marked as On Duty in the Onfleet application. To do this, open the driver app and toggle them to active.

  1. Fulfill the Order in Cashier.

    • Orders from your e-commerce provider will come into Flowhub and appear in the New column on the orders dashboard.

    • A staff member should select the order and prepare it for delivery, including printing exit labels and packing the bag.

    • When the order is ready for driver assignment and Metrc interaction, select Mark as Ready in Flowhub. This will send the order to Onfleet as a task.

  2. Assign a Driver.

    • A driver can be assigned to an order directly in Onfleet, or you can select Assign Driver in Flowhub.

    • If you assign the driver in Flowhub, select an on-duty driver from the available options.

    • Once a driver is assigned, click on the order and select Print Delivery to generate a delivery summary receipt.

  3. Send the Delivery Manifest to Metrc.

    • Once a driver is assigned, select the Compliance button to fill in any necessary information for the delivery manifest.

    • Provide all the required details and select Send to Metrc to send the manifest to Metrc.

      • This will submit the manifest in a pending state.

      • Once payment has been completed, the manifest will be finalized in Metrc.

  4. Start the Delivery.

    • The driver can start the task in Onfleet or select Put in Vehicle from the orders dashboard in Cashier to move the order to the Out for Delivery status.

  5. Complete the Delivery in Onfleet.

    • Once the driver starts the task in Onfleet and arrives at the destination, they should select Complete Delivery and follow the prompts to finish the delivery.

    • All necessary completion items, such as signatures, pictures, and notes, will be handled in the Onfleet app.

    • When the task is completed in Onfleet, the order will be marked as Delivered in the Flowhub order dashboard.

  6. Select the order from the Order Ahead tab to complete the payment process.

  7. After the payment is completed, the manifest will be sent to Metrc and finalized.

Button Definitions:

  • Assign Driver: Use this button to assign an on-duty driver from Onfleet to the order.

  • Compliance: Click this button to fill in the delivery details and send the manifest to Metrc. This button will appear throughout the statuses if the manifest has not been submitted.

  • Put in Vehicle: This step confirms that the selected order is ready for delivery. It can be bypassed by starting the task in Onfleet.

  • Collect Payment: Select this button to proceed to the payment screen.

  • Print Delivery: Use this button to print a delivery summary receipt. It is available only after a driver is assigned to an order.

  • Cancel Order: This button removes a failed delivery from the orders board.

Order Status Board Definitions:

  • New: This is where orders from e-commerce providers appear initially.

  • In Progress: Orders that are currently being fulfilled.

  • Ready: Orders that are ready to be assigned to a driver. They have been submitted to Onfleet as tasks.

  • Ready for Delivery: Orders ready to be submitted to Metrc and taken by a driver.

  • Out for Delivery: Orders out for delivery, either by starting the task in Onfleet or selecting Put in Vehicle.

  • Delivered: Orders marked as complete in Onfleet. The transaction can be finalized in Flowhub.

  • Delivery Failed: When the delivery is marked as Failed in Flowhub and OnFleet, the delivery manifest will be marked as complete and all packages in the delivery will be marked as rejected with a reason on the package history in Metrc.

If you have any questions or need assistance with enabling the Delivery feature, reach out to a Flowhub team member.

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