Maui: Pack Bulk Flower

This article will guide users through creating prepackaged items like grams, eighths, quarters, etc. from bulk flower in Maui.

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Some dispensaries may choose to prepackage their flower from bulk grams. If you have Bulk grams of Flower in your inventory that you will be packing into containers yourself, here's how to convert that inventory into prepacked units available for sale.

Pack Down Bulk Bud

  1. First, ensure you have a prepacked variant of the Flower Product you wish to convert from Bulk to Packed.

    • Navigate to Inventory, then Products from the purple bar at the top.

    • Locate the Product and check the Variants on the right side of the window.

    • In the example below, Golden Goat has "Bulk" and "Joint" variants. This Product can be converted from Bulk Grams into Joints.

    • If you need to add another prepacked unit such as Eighth or Quarter, select Edit on the Product and Add another Variant, then Save the updated Product.

  2. Next, find the bulk flower you want to pack down in your Inventory. Navigate to Inventory, and search or filter for the item.

  3. Once found, select the inventory item.

  4. On the right side of the window, select "Pack Bulk."

    • If you do not see "Pack Bulk" as an option, the inventory variant you have selected is already prepacked, or is not set up on the Product to be sold as Bulk (i.e. "Sell by Weight" is not checked on the Product in the Products tab).

  5. The "Pack Up Bulk Inventory" screen will appear.

  6. Select the Variant unit you wish to prepack. In the example below, we are converting Bulk grams of Golden Goat into Joints.

    • If you do not see the Variant you wish to pack in this dropdown, you will want to first create the Variant on the Product as outlined in Step 1.

  7. The "New Regulatory ID" field will allow you to associate this Packed Flower with a new Package ID.

    • This step is optional unless your dispensary is operating in a state where the entirety of a Metrc package must be in one Room, such as Maryland.

    • After inputting an available tag and the quantity you'd like to pack up, clicking save will automatically create the new package in Metrc and decrement the source package.

  8. Under "Assign to Rooms" you will see a purple box indicating the max amount of prepacked units you are able to create from the bulk grams you have in Inventory.

  9. In Quantity, enter the number of packed units you are creating. In the example below, we are making fifty 1g joints. Entering a value in Quantity will cause the purple box to re-calculate how much bulk grams you have left from packing down.

  10. Select the Room the packed inventory should be in.

  11. You may update the SKU field, or leave it blank for Maui to generate a SKU for you.

  12. Select "Save" and your Bulk grams will be converted to the prepacked unit Variant you chose.

  13. You will see the prepacked units on a separate line item from the Bulk grams in your Inventory.

Things to Remember When Packing out Bulk Bud

  • Package ID: When packing bud, it is essential to know that the package ID will reflect the originating package. If you have separated this package in METRC with a new tag, you will need to update the inventory you created in Flowhub with the correct package ID.

  • Flower that is in bulk grams and prepacked units on the same METRC package tag will have combined weights when comparing quantity in the METRC tab.

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