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Maui: Verify Customer ID
Maui: Verify Customer ID
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Maui has a feature that can be enabled in Store Settings to add an additional step to the checkout process in Cashier to make a Budtender confirm that they are working with the correct Customer and recheck their ID before building their cart or checking them out.

Enabling Verify Customer ID

Note: you can only access Store Settings if your Role has the "Can Edit" permission under Stores. Contact your Flowhub Admin to enable this setting if you do not have this permission.

  1. Navigate to Store settings in the upper right corner of the screen where your Dispensary's Name is displayed.

  2. Select the name of your Dispensary.

  3. Select Store Settings at the bottom of the dropdown.

    • A Store Settings modal will appear.

4. On the left side of the window, select Carts.

5. Select the Recheck Customer ID checkbox to enable this feature.

6. Select Save Settings to save.

Verify Customer ID

If the Recheck Customer ID feature is enabled for your store when a customer is selected from the Queue, a window will appear with the Customer's information that asks the budtender to confirm they are working with the correct customer before moving forward.

  1. Check a customer into the queue in Cashier, whether by using the Greet App to scan their ID, creating their profile manually in Maui, or searching for an existing customer.

  2. Once a Customer is in the Queue, select the customer to build their cart.

  3. The Verify Customer ID window will appear:

4. Select Confirm To confirm the ID and continue working with the customer's cart.

5. To return the customer to the queue and select a different customer to check out, select Return to Queue.

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