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Maui: Metrc Discrepancy Management ๐Ÿ“‹
Maui: Metrc Discrepancy Management ๐Ÿ“‹

Information & Definitions regarding the Metrc Tab within the Inventory Page

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The Metrc Discrepancy Management Tab offers exciting integration capabilities between your Metrc Account and Flowhub Maui. These capabilities include:

  • Adjust Packages in Metrc from Flowhub:

    • You can now directly adjust the number of packages in Metrc with valid Metrc Reasons and Notes attached.

  • Quickly See Quantity Discrepancies:

    • Identify and resolve Flowhub and Metrc inventory differences on a package-by-package basis.

  • Import Metrc packages not yet in Flowhub:

    • Selecting "Fix Flowhub" on packages not yet imported will automatically take you to the inventory form with Metrc data pre-filled.

  • Identify packages not active in Metrc:

    • Rapidly identify package IDs not active in Metrc due to type entry error or the package no longer active at your facility.

    • Packages older than 90 days may show as inactive in Flowhub.

      • Update or sell from these packages to correct this error.

Syncing Metrc Package Information to Maui

  1. Select "Inventory" from the pop-out menu in the top-left corner of the window

  2. Select the "METRC" tab at the top of the window.

  3. The data in this view can be refreshed anytime by selecting "Sync from Metrc" in the top right corner.

    • While we're pulling data from Metrc, you can navigate away from the page without issue.

      • The speed of this is dependent on Metrc's performance.

    • You'll be notified when we have the most recent data in the top bar on the right like so:

Adjusting Packages and Inventory

  1. Select or search for a package or inventory item.

  2. Select "Fix Metrc" or "Fix Flowhub" in the pane on the right.

  3. Type in or verify a quantity.

    • The quantity input will be auto-filled with Flowhub's calculated quantity for the item regardless of UOM or multiple weights the item is sold by.

    • You can always change this number.

  4. If "Fix Metrc" is selected, select a reason from the "Reason" dropdown menu.

    • The "Reasons" dropdown is populated by Metrc's official package adjustment reasons for your state.

    • The "Notes" field is required, dependent on which reason is selected from the dropdown menu.

Filtering Packages and Inventory

The table view can be filtered by the following discrepancy types as well as both Metrc and Flowhub Categories:

Hereโ€™s a quick video demonstrating how it works:

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